My “kung fu” grip journey

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Dear reader,


I still remember that day when I was 17 years old, and I fell out of a running bus – – right SMACK on my right shoulder, which luckily didn’t pop right out of it’s socket,  mostly because I rolled over … right onto my right wrist.

Another huge OUCH – and I still remember the onlookers staring but not doing much of anything as I somewhat painfully picked myself up, dusted myself off, and walked away.

Went home, and figured (unlike today) that the doc was the best place to go after the mishap – and long story short – the entire right forearm was in a cast for a week or perhaps about 10 days IIRC.

And given my “small bones” and weak natural grip – ’twas a wonder I didn’t break my wrist during the fall.

Fast forward a few years to when I was around 25. In great shape, yet nowhere near the shape I am in NOW – and I was banging out pushups by the hundred(s) daily – and yet developed a nasty bone spur from doing handstand pushups when I was NOT ready for them.

Fast forward a few years to NOW –  when the guy who couldn’t build his grip to desired levels for all these years has finally GOT it – – and got it at levels that would literally astound the average person.

In the much acclaimed “Gorilla Grip” course that I put last year, I’ve spoken numerous times about my own grip – and obviously, what I did to build it to astoundingly strong levels (all the more “mind boggling” considering I’m neither naturally gifted nor a big guy).

The testimonials page mentions my grip – as does the actual Gorilla Grip sales page itself.

In fact, I outgrip most guys that are bigger than me that I know of – and by quite a long shot, and while that might sound like I’m “tooting my own horn”, that isn’t the intention.

Nah – the intention is simply to tell you that if someone whose grip used to be his WEAKEST link got it up to a point where it’s now by far one of his STRONGEST – then you a) CAN do it and b) have NO excuses left.

And though ALL the exercises in both 0 Excuses Fitness and Gorilla Grip do a super, super job of developing the grip – – there is ONE that does it the best, my friend.

And it’s not necessarily pull-ups done right, though those work great.

It’s not using grippers. It’s not putting your hand in rice.

It’s certainly not doing countless reps of “bunny curls” and trying to”get that pump”, hehe.

What is it then?

Well – I mention it in Gorilla Grip – and it is – the humble and much ignored fingertip pushup.

Believe me, this ONE exercise done by itself WILL give turn your fingers into CLAWS, my friend.

The fingertip pushup used to be a favorite of old time strongmen, wrestlers, boxers and the like. And any REAL strongman today will tell you that the fingertip pushup is a MUST in his arsenal of “strength tools” – if not one of the MOST important.

Most folks find these way harder to do than regular pushups, and with good reason. These tax the fingers and forearms a LOT more than the larger chest muscles (as opposed to regular pushups) – and that, combined with the “pressing” motion on the tips of the fingers is what builds amazing gripping strength throughout your entire forearm.

It’s “old timer” like strength. Believe me, some of the old timers could grab you in a vice – and do some serious, serious damage with their fingers and palms alone, my friend.

Contrary to what most people think, fingertip pushups are NOT done with “straight” fingers. They are done with your fingers somewhat bent – and that’s a detail hard to explain via the written word alone – but one I believe the 0 Excuses Fitness System explains pretty well.

Work these into your routine, my friend – you’ll soon see why I recommend these so highly once you start to actually DO them.

Be careful too that you don’t “overstress” the fingers either knowingly or unknowingly. You’ve no doubt read about my nasty thumb injury a couple of weeks ago where the thumb literally popped out of it’s joint and back … YEEEEOOOOOOWWWW!

By Golly, that was painful, and it’s still not fully recovered, hehe.

That was admittedly me doing a super duper tough variant – but I’ve had this happen to me even when doing regular fingertip pushups, although the limb recovered fairly quickly in the latter case.

Be careful when doing these. Work up to higher reps with CONTROL and CAUTION – and always, always maintain proper form.

It’s easier to “bounce” up and down while doing this one as your chest muscles aren’t involved that much – – do NOT do this. Maintain the exact same form as you would in a regular pushup.

Other than that though – – work this one amazing exercise into your routine – and watch your forearms literally start to “swell” to “PopEye” levels in front of your very eyes.

Not to mention the kungfu grip you’ll get when you do these!

OK – that’s it for now. I’ll be back again later!



P.S. –  Virtually ANY of the pushups in 0 Excuses Fitness can be turned into a solid grip builder if you know how, and I explain “how” in the videos –

P.S. #2 – And after you get good at some of the stuff in 0 Excuses Fitness, go to the next level in terms of grip strength with Gorilla Grip – available right HERE –

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