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Dear reader,

Got done this afternoon with a quick and dirty routine straight out of 0 Excuses Fitness, and headed on outdoors for some advanced stuff.

And for those that have been reading my emails/blog posts on a regular basis, I’m sure you can guess where I headed – but perhaps not “what I was doing there”, hehe.

Nah – I’m sure the regular readers guessed at least ONE part of the “what I was doing” part – and that naturally was handstand pushups. Done in sets of 10, and NOT how most people (well, the majority) would advocate doing ’em – but yet – it works so well, my friend.

Oh YES – it works so darn well – and the one simple thing that you can do to really up the tempo of this workout is so amazingly simple that most people just “pass it by” without a second thought.

Those that have read my “Shoulders like Boulders” course KNOW the change I’m referring to – but for now, let’s get back to the “Da Xing Xing” theme, hehe.

Why do I use an ostensibly strange sounding title?


Well, as I was finishing up my workout with some advanced stuff THAT is the chant I heard all around me, my friend.

And being I’m in mainland China – well, Da Xing Xing means “gorilla” – and being I was doing exactly what a gorilla does to build that cast iron like upper body and (quite literally) – shoulders like boulders, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that THAT was the chant.

As for the exact exercise I was doing, you might have done it when you were a kid – or then again, given today’s “sissified” world, it wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of readers have either never done it – or (probably) “pooh’ed pooh’ed” it off as  “kiddie stuff that adults don’t do”.

Well – human adults might not – but adult gorillas – and apes sure do on a regular basis, my friend.

And that one exercise was – what?

Well – simply swinging myself across the monkey bars, my friend – but believe me and trust me later, this exercise ALONE can give you an upper body workout you won’t believe if you – DO THEM – RIGHT!

That’s right – most people, including a lot of kids do NOT do them the way they are really supposed to be done to build strength and endurance – GORILLA like strength and endurance at that.

Most adults do what I call the “wimp out” version of it – which is to NOT use your thumb when doing these.

And while I hear a lot of the “experts” are gonna “round on me” for saying this, I’ll say it anyway – any pulling exercise done without the use of your thumb is a COLOSSAL waste of time.

You were given your thumb for a purpose – and that is to GRIP.

Take the thumb away – – and you reduce both the intensity – – as well as the GRIP building effect of these exercises.

And believe me, it’s all most adults can do to even “grip” the monkey bars correctly and hold on for any length of time – much like swing across like I was today – – and certainly NOT pound out sets of pull-ups after that.

Again – if you’re doing any form of gripping exercise – – do NOT “wimp out” and use straps, aids, or (worst) do a “fingers only” version. Big, big mistake, my friend.

And last, but not least – is this method pretty? Nah – not really. I’ve got calluses the size of golf balls on my palms, and it hurts like a ***** sometimes when I first grip – before I warm up – especially in cold weather.

Hell, I’ve split my calluses wide open during a workout and continued – but guess what this does?

This sort of training not only makes YOU tough – not only gives you that GORILLA like upper body and UNNATURAL grip – but it’ll also make a MAN out of you, my friend.

And as for the calluses – they’ll rip away and be replaced by tougher skin in no time at all. Trust me – been there – done that – and do it on a darn near daily basis, hehe.

So that’s today’s update. This post contains not one – not TWO – but THREE valuable tips which will enable you not just to build your GRIP – – but your ENTIRE body, my friend.

See if you can spot ’em!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – These sort of comments are why I named “Gorilla Grip” what I did – because it will literally turn you into a human version of a silverback gorilla in terms of strength! I’m coming out with King Kong Fitness soon as well – which is an ADVANCED version- – more advanced than anything I’ve put out until date, but for now, check out Gorilla Grip for other must-know tips that will catapult YOU to greater achievements in your training – http://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip/

P.S. #2 – And if you’re just starting out, do  NOT dive straight into Gorilla Grip. I’ve mentioned this on the sales page, and it bears repeating here as well. Here is where you can start to build a base  – – a rock solid, SUPER solid base at that – – that will last you a LIFETIME – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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