Two hidden keys to getting better at handstand pushups

Dear reader,

I’ll talk about two VITALLY  important, and yet seemingly “hidden” keys to getting better – and QUICKLY – at handstand pushups in this email.

The first is something I’ve mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness, and mentioned anywhere I talk about pushups, for that matter. And it holds AS true for regular pushups as it does handstand pushups – but DOUBLY – or “triply”, hehe, for that matter with regard to the latter.

And that key being to PUSH – UP – all the way! There’s NO “partial” reps or “stopping short of a full extension”,  my friend. NONE whatsoever!

STRICT reps – and despite what some folks may tell you about this causing shoulder issues – well – it wont. They’re WRONG. Period.

Sure – if you’ve got serious, serious shoulders ailments then it’s probably better not to do them that way – but then again, it needs to be a “serious” (I m ean really serious) problem and b) if it is that serious you’re probably better off not doing ANY pushup until the shoulder gets better, my friend.

Anyway, this is even  more important for handstand pushups.

A LOT of folks seem to ignore that last little push that REALLY gets you pushing down into the ground.

A LOT of folks stop “just” short of what I’m saying – i.e. full extension.

Granted, they still do them – –  and that’s hard enough but the real key to  improvement – and quickly (and this is even more true if you’re starting out with these) is to PUSH all the way TILL FULL EXTENSION!!

Thats the ONE key – and others are mentioned in my Shoulders like Boulders course – the ONE course that’ll build Brahma Bull like shoulders on you, my friend.

You can grab it right here – – — but for now, what is the other tip?

Well, again, something I’ve mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness – that being to maintain focus.

FOCUS, focus, and focus as if your very LIFE depends on it, my friend – and while that holds true for working out in general it holds even more true for handstand pushups simply due to the ultra advanced nature of the “beast”, hehe.

No “horsing around”. No “checking smart(not)phone updates”. No “ogling the babes on the treadmill” – albeit from an upside down position, hehe.

When you train – you TRAIN – with focus –  PERIOD!

You’re NOT there for any other purpose other than to undertake serious training, and that should occupy  your entire mind as well.

Try training handstands – let alone the pushups – with anything less than full focus and you’ll soon see what I’m talking about.

Oh, and certainly NO “chit chat” either when training.

Had a clown come up to me today in the park as I was finishing up some advanced grip work and interrupt me right in the middle of the exercise.

I ignored him – but only for a while as he was blabbering on about “I want to speak to you”, or something to that effect.


I hate it when people interrupt me while working out – but judging by the hasty exit he made a second or so  later, I suppose he got the drift, hehe.

Anyway, those are the two tips for today. Try ’em out – and keep me posted on how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I mentioned the word “beast” up there, and this course will turn you into a human version of a BEAST – with shoulders to boot as well, not to mention an upper body that looks like it’s carved (and might as well be) from GRANITE. Sheer GRANITE. Look no further – this course is available right HERE –



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