Dear reader,

Well, its been a while coming – – but those of you that have been doing handstand pushups regularly a.k.a “Shoulders like Boulders” now have the NEXT level to look forward to.

And it’s right here on the 0 Excuses Site, my friend – – and what IS it, you ask?

Well – simple – my newest product is “BattleTank Shoulders” – – a course that if used and implemented will super turbo sky rocket you into the “elitest of elite” category when it comes to “Abrams tank” like shoulders and a MASSIVE upper body that ripples with BRAWN – real brawn.

An upper body that is every bit as strong as it looks.

A RIPPED – and ferociously powerful and punctional, “punch proof” midsection – but all of this would come to naught with the most important part of it all – – which is the MIND.

In the USMC the “Marine Crucible” is the last stage (amongst many brutally demanding stages prior to that) which a recruit must pass to get that elite and COVETED “Marine” tag, my friend.

And it’s brutal – and rightfully so. In fact U.S. Marine Corps training is brutal from day one, and thats how it should be.

None of the mamsy pamsy “weaning in” stage that the other branches incorporate to “gradually ease” the trainees in.

None of that in the USMC and rightfully so. “Weaning in” is for WEENIES, if I might say so, and neither real life not real life battles allow you to be “gradually eased in”.

No – you get thrown in at the DEEP END – sink or swim – it’s up to YOU.

And the crucible of life is often tougher than the Marine Crucible, my friend. Believe me, I’ve been there several times.

It requires guts, perseverance, GUMPTION, desire, dedication – – and above all a KEEN SPIRIT to keep going and “blast ’em down” no matter what to see the sun “finally” arise the next day!

Most modern men do NOT have this mentality. When life gets tough, they grab a towel to wipe their tears away or bury their heads in a pillow wishing the problem will go away,  but of course, that is NOT how it works.

Point of me telling you all this?

Well – simply to point out that the #1 benefit you will receive from this course is not physical, my friend.

It’s mental – and while the physical benefits are indeed GALORE and ASTOUNDING – the MENTAL benefits are something else altogether.

The sheer CONFIDENCE – and willpower you build from doing these exercises will take your FOCUS, drive, determination, dedication and LEVELS OF GUMPTION to “planet Hero” from “planet zero”, my friend.

‘Tis true. Once you start doing these exercises you’ll also get the look of the tiger – that look that excludes confidence without you even knowing it.

Heads will turn to look at YOU – be they at the office, the local gym, park, bar, or perhaps even just walking down the street.

And again, it’s been a while coming to be honest, but I finally got the course done and put it on the site – so without further ado, BOUND on over now to see what the fuss is all about –

I look forward to welcoming you aboard the BATTLETANK.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Gym junkies, think the gym will build strength levels even remotely close to what you’ll get here? Not a chance, my friend – not a chance in tarnation. That holds true for Shoulders like Boulders – and it holds doubly, triply – – or heck, even “quadruply” true for THIS course. So drop everything you’re doing and SPRINT on over NOW to make the best fitness purchase of your LIFE right HERE –

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