“Gabru Jawan” training

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Dear reader,

When I was a young lad back in the day, I heard this one term being used and it stuck with  me almost INSTANTLY.

I think it was my father that first used it? I’m not very sure, but I believe it was …

I dont know why, but there was certain RING to the words as well as the actual English meaning of it that it translated into that STUCK with me – until THIS day, my friend.

For those that don’t know, this is a Hindi expression, Hindi being one of the numerous languages used in India.

“Gabru” translates into – well, “strong and virile” – or perhaps “son of the soil” or perhaps “solid character” or a combo of all the above. You get the drift.

“Jawan” on the other hand translates into SOLDIER – a soldier on the actual BATTLEFIELD – a real WARRIOR (and no keyboard warriors do NOT count).

Put these together, and it translates into “He-man”, or “Superman” – take your pick – you get the drift.

And naturally, being I was a thin (if admittedly spunky even then) lad desperately looking to pile on some muscle – this sort of thing was music to my ears – and being I was about 6 or 7 (you know, the age when boys just start to mature a little, but not really) – I’d run up and down the halls pounding my chest calling myself “Gabru Jawan” and feeling like a BILLION bucks every time I did it.

This led to some degree of ridicule from some of my family members – and of course that “knowing smile” from other, wiser ones who knew that while the words themselves might sound strange, the feeling  behind it was anything but.

Ridicule be damned – it was to be encouraged and yet unfortunately it drew a great deal of ridicule from the person “supposed to be” closest to a young child – and naturally this was NOT good for my already wilting confidence.

Looking back upon this, when my four year old daughter is excited about something – -really, really excited, the one thing we NEVER do is ridicule her. In fact we encourage her more – and more – and MORE – sometimes to the point of what some may consider to be excessive, but there is no excess when it comes to encouraging young kids, my friend.

ONE negative comment (along the lines of “he thinks he’s so strong!” followed by a disapproving glare) can REALLY, REALLY stunt a kid’s development – and I’m referring to mental development here, my friend.

Far better to say a bazillion POSITIVE – and heartfelt things – rather than ONE heartfelt negative – and UNTRUE thing!

Anyway, why am I taking you down this trip down  memory lane, you ask?

Well – because THESE are the very terms that somehow for whatever reason popped into my mind while I was on about rep #12 or so of my handstand pushups, done with my arms WIDE, WIDE out.

Believe me now and trust me later, man oh MAN – I was feeling on TOP of the whole world – ready to BASH down any and ALL obstacles in my path – and the feeling coursing through  my veins was NOTHING short of a feeling of sheer, utter and COMPLETE success, my friend.

COMPLETE success from the INSIDE OUT – and I’m not referring to external appearances here.

Feeling like a REAL man. A WARRIOR – a soldier – someone whose been in the TRENCHES with his BROTHERS across the globe – and again – a REAL man as opposed to the sniveling sissified mess most modern day men seem to have turned into.

Modern day man, my friend, seems to have become an unslovenly,  lazy and supremely unfit caricature of what Mother Nature intended him to be (the exact “supreme” opposite if anything).

And it’s not even entirely his fault.

You see, most people have been fed a bill of goods, my friend – both in terms of life – and in terms of physical fitness.

When a modern day man sees challenges in front of him – his first instinct and reaction is to throw in the towel and “let others handle it”. He then goes back to his couch and pizza and continues munching on in the same sorry vein as before.

When a modern day man faces adversity he doesn’t tackle it HEAD ON, FRONTWARDS, and ALL GUNS BLAZING like his ancestors did.

No, he retreats further and further into the “cocoon of denial” and continues to deny the reality staring him right in the face – and when he can’t deny it any longer he starts to bawl.

The vast majority of modern day men go to the gym, grunt out a few reps on the chest press, and then throw on heavy weights – heavier than they can handle onto the bench press, and attempt to press it (or make some half ass 2 inch presses), and then pound their chests and claim they’re King Kong before prancing off to the mirror to take their selfies (and hide their beer guts while they’re doing so).

All of this, my friend is NOT what a real man does – but more importantly, and this is the ENTIRE POINT OF THIS POST – it does NOT make you FEEL like a real man!

Those in the know what I’m talking about here.

A “jawan” in the heat (or cold if we’re talking mountain warfare) of battle doesn’t have the time or patience to complete defeat or difficulty.

He GOES ON no matter what – regardless of how hard the battle may seem at that point – drags himself through the muck – does what he NEEDS to do in order to – WIN!

A Marine doesn’t simply take on an assignment thinking “I may do it”.

No – – he knows there is NO SECOND BEST!

Second sucks – – and the feeling associated with  it does as well.

The ONLY feeling a REAL MAN – and those that ARE real men have, and should have is a feeling of SUCCESS – of EMPOWERMENT – GUMPTION.

YOU should feel like you’re able to MOW through obstacles and barriers the way an Abrams tank relentlessly PLOUGHS through any and ALL opposition until IT is the surviving behemoth.

Do or die. Sink or swim. The time is NOW – and remember one thing – there is NO in-between.

You either DO it – or you stay content to remain feeling the way you are right NOW!

The choice is yours – and there is only one right choice. You know it bubba.

Now, up there I mentioned that handstand pushups are the ONLY exercise, bar none, that when done correctly will give you that “MOW down obstacles at a minute’s notice feeling”.

Granted, not all of us deal with the trials and tribulations our brothers and sisters in the military go through on a daily basis (not even near) – but we DO deal with the BATTLE of LIFE, my friend.

EACH ONE of us deals with this – and when life throws up obstacles – as it often does, the ONLY way to conquer them is to be a BATTLETANK standing SOLID in the face of what may seem like relentless and unremitting adversity.

Mere words do NOT count – it’s the feeoling that counts.

And when you combine what I’ve already taught you in Shoulders like BOULDERS, and implement the secret KEY that I’ve mentioned in Battletank Shoulders, well – WATCH OUT.

That “feeling” – that GUMPTION coursing through your veins – that “OOO RAAA RAA” feeling of POWER, my friend – ANIMAL LIKE POWER – will you yours times a HUNDRED.

That’s right. Battletank Shoulders is the next level, but it’s literally “Shoulders like Boulders” * 100 in terms of sheer FEELING, my friend.

But yes, at the end of the day – ’tis indeed your choice.

If you’re content to go through life as a weak “snivelly” caricature of what a real man was supposed to be – then that’s fine by me.

Other hand, if you’re willing to do what it takes to be a “GABRU JAWAN” in the BATTLE OF LIFE – then I’m here for you, my BROTHER. Oh YES, I am!

Be a JAWAN, my friend. There is NO other way.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The time to take back that bill of goods you were sold is NOW. Here , then is that link one more time – http://0excusesfitness.com/battletank-shoulders/ 

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