Tarzan Papa

Dear reader,

Was so excited after completing my brand new course “BattleTank Shoulders” on Saturday that the first thing I did after getting the sales page was not to email my list etc – but send a picture out to my wife.

And my daughter, of course.

And the reaction?

“Tarzan Papa!” “Ha, Ha, ha”, followed up by a series of oh-so-cute giggles from my 4 year old daughter who apparently enjoyed it as well.

Sounds funny – but is SPOT ON – my friend. Not only will the course will give you shoulders like the proverbial TARZAN – swinging from branch to branch like a PRO – Jane in tow, don’t forget, hehe – but it will also build a rock solid upper body like  never before.

Getting good at what I tell you in Shoulders like Boulders is the first level, but the NEXT level is right HERE, my friend.

It’s right here, and it’ll knock yer SOCKS off.

Without further ado, BOUND – LEAP – on over to the sales page, and order your copy NOW.

Battletank SHOULDERS


Rahul Mookerjee

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