Walk up the stairs – on your HANDS!

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Dear reader,

Many moons ago, I saw the most amazing thing ever.

‘Twas a hot, balmy day in New Orleans and I was there with my “partner” at the time – – and while I was happily sipping on a brewskie in the French Quarter (they got some GOOOD brews there, by the way) – she suggested we take a bit of a walk around and explore the Quarter a bit more.

Ok – no problemo, and though I was sort  of reluctant to leave air-conditioned interiors for the hot, muggy air of New Orleans (I love the French Quarter, by the way!) – all good.

And as we walked past several stalls, eateries, beer drinkers and party goers galore – I saw a couple of gymnasts – or should I say “acrobats-cum-gymnasts” plying their trade.

There was a loud speaker on the ground blasting out the latest hip hop (at the time) and these two guys – and more than what they were doing – it was their LOOK – their physical characteristics that caught my eye.

To say they looked like CAVEMEN of yore would be an understatement, my friend.

Perhaps “bronzed warriors” would be a better description.

Or perhaps even “elite level musclemen with scary, scary levels of strength indeed”.

And I’m not kidding.

Massive, rippling chest muscles that moved every time THEY did. BRAWNY, corded forearms that looked like snakes were curling up the well proportioned upper arms – – which looked like tree trunks to me to be honest.

And as I goggled on, one of these guys turned and I saw his back.

To say that it put most modern bodybuilders – and bardoors – or perhaps a combination of both to shame would be a gross, gross understatement!

I could go on and on – could wax lyrical on this – but you get the drift, don’t you?

“We must see this”, I nudged her, and she nodded, seeing how interested I was in their skills.

And what exactly were they doing?

Well – simply a variety of handbalancing stunts – but so advanced that even the most elementary of their stunts would make you choke / spit your morning coffee out on disbelief.

Part of what they were doing, and what really, REALLY, REALLY – and I mean REALLY got me “going” was the two dudes walkin up a flight of stairs – slowly and – UNASSISTED!

Oh, and need I say – – on their HANDS, in a perfect handstand all throughout!

Not only that, they walked BACK down those stairs as well.

There were freestanding handstand pushups galore (nose to the ground) and various other stunts that I have NOT seen duplicated till date anywhere else, although I am sure there are folks that exist that can do even better.

The sky is the limit – my friend – and if you think size is a factor – well, think again.

These two guys were pillars of brawn, but on the other side of the equation it bears mentioning that I once saw footage of a Shaolin monk in China holding – – get this – – a handstand – – a freestanding handstand – – on … the … INDEX FINGERS OF EACH HAND!

I mean by GOLLY, is there ANYTHING the mind cannot train the body to do – and do well??

Anyway, these memories have stuck with me, my friend – – and THESE memories are why I FIRST started training handstands.

And it’s why – once I got good at handstand pushups – that I decided to write “Shoulders like boulders” to bring that same skill to YOU!

Plenty of people want to do handstand pushups, but don’t know how to.

And believe it or not, the best way is NOT what is commonly taught i.e. to kick up against the wall. Sure, you can do ’em that way if you so choose – they’re a heck of a lot easier than what I teach, but easy doesn’t come with immense rewards either.

And if you’re after the reward I’m after – – which is walking flights of stairs on my hands in perfect form – – UNASSISTED – well then, my friend, this way of training will NOT, I repeat NOT, do much to get you there.

That’s why I advocate doing the handstand pushups the way I do in Shoulders like Boulders.

It’s the best, if not ultra-quickest ways to get better at doing REAL handstand pushups, which are freestanding handstand pushups (and which, by the way, are going to be the topic of my NEXT shoulder-upper body-specific book – level #3 as it were).

I’ve been posting about level #2 for the past couple of days, but it bears mentioning that you do not build skyscrapers without first building a solid base.

And if you’re looking at building a solid base in terms of eventually getting to freestanding handstands – and then the freestanding handstand pushups (and let’s face it – you know THAT is what really impresses you and is what you want) then Shoulders like Boulders is where you need to start.

This course not only details the basic handstand pushup (basic for me, at least) – it also gives you many other supplementary exercises that you can work into your routine – including ONE special exercise that I have NOT included even in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Grab the manual right here – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

And once you’re done with that, it’ll be time to move on to level #2. But know that you can do simply what is mentioned in level #1 – and still make excellent gains for the rest of your life, my friend.

And if you’ve got weightlifters and gym goers “scoffing and sneering” at you, saying bodyweight exercises don’t build strength and “Doubting Thomases” claiming that “handstands are harmful for the shoulders” (I’ve actually heard this rubbish so many times it makes me want to puke)?

Well, easy peeze.

First, ask them if THEY can do what you’re doing. Chances are excellent and next to none that NONE of the folks in the above two categories will be able to come even close to achieving anything close to a basic handstand – let alone hold the position – and forget about the actual pushup itself.

And then – once thats done – pop off about 5 perfect handstand pushups in a set, and stand back up casually – feeling GREAT AND on TOP of the world – like you could CONQUER it at a minute’s notice.

Oh BOY, only hanstand pushups can give you that feeling!

As you do so, take a minute to drink, admire, enjoy and SAVOR the looks of disbelief, astonishment, wonder, bewilderment, AWE – and ENVY on said people’s faces.

I guarantee you – THAT alone will be worth the entire “price of admission!”

All for now – back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re already done with Shoulders like Boulders – – then BattleTank shoulders is  the next level and it is available right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/battletank-shoulders/

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