Chinese lady crawls like a bear

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Dear reader,

Went for a jaunt up the hill this afternoon after a) taking care of some business and b) doing some (well, just one) moneeeeeeeeeeeeee visualizations that I was pretty much raring to go and KICK some MAJOR league RUMP after that, my friend.

Funny part was it took about a word on the part of my wife, and then about 10 seconds of visualization and presto – – I was BEAMING like the sun done presented itself in  my cup of tea, hehe.

I speak about the power of visualization in a lot of my (if not all) writing, and believe you me, there’s a darn good reason.

Anyway, as I did my jaunt up the hill I interspersed my walking with some different things, one of which left me gasping for air within 60 seconds flat – but get this – this was done UPHILL – and this was done in a position that made it “uphill X 5”.

Quite literally.

I suppose you can guess what I am referring to here, no?

Well, anyway – as I crawled my way  up the hill I heard the usual “Wah’s” and the “Gui Lao” comments directed at me, none in a bad way though. Just the usual “that crazy foreign devil is at it again” kind of thing, and truth be told I don’t particularly mind that.

A couple of kids came my way as I was doing this, and tried to imitate, but one fell over on his backside and the other (after a few energetic back pedals) gave me a huge smile and decided it wasn’t for him. A dog licked my nose gently as I was doing this as well.

And as I stood up after competing round #1, I saw this Chinese family going uphill (on legs, mind you, of course). It seemed like an older couple and the mother in law by the looks of it, but I’m not sure – but I think that is what it was.

And I noticed the older lady gesticulating and pointing with a “Hmmm!” sort of manner, and then turning to tell the other two about the benefits of what I was doing.

I don’t understand a  lot of Chinese, but “hao zhaung” (very strong) was one of the things that stood out amongst others.

And as I finished round #3, I saw something amazing – this lady (probably around the age of 65 or so) was actually trying to imitate me and walk up hill like a bear!

Now, naturally being she’s a lot older and probably has a lot of issues with her back etc – she couldn’t do it for more than a couple of seconds, but – and hold on to your HAT when I say this – most ABLE BODIED and young adults would do good to even get into this position, let alone anything else.

These, and other super effective “animal like” movements are mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

A lot of people overlook these in terms of the other exercises – probably because they’re nowhere as “glam”, eh? I mean, much rather do 50 pushups than say you crawled like a bear for 5 minutes – or seconds?

Yea, I thought so but thats a big mistake. Those exercises may take up no more than a page or so in the book – but the “get fit” potion contained therein is SO potent that I could and probably will in the future write an entire book on these movements!

Anyway, I finished up and then walked briskly back up the hill , leaving the rest in my “tow” as it were.

That’s the one thing about doing quadruped training – you’ll increase your speed and strength in regular “biped” movements like NEVER before if you do it right.

Knocked off a few handstand pushups, and presto, as I tumbled down, I saw the old lady trying to get into position again.

And this time, I couldn’t help but go over to help – and point out what she was doing wrong and correct accordingly.

I gave her a few tips on how to – and how NOT to – move her feet and place her heels when crawling in this particular position as well as a few hand positions that may not seem like much but have a manifold impact in terms of their impact on your body.

But what stands out is this – she was willing and open to DO it – to TRY – the sort of willingness that you only generally see in a lot of older people (that are no longer bothered by “what does he think of me”) or young kids who of course follow their heart.

And in both cases, they’re right.

And guess what – – in both cases, they’re improving their fitness a lot, lot more than the “adult” average Joe.

Now I don’t know about you – – but if less than a minute of crawling around like a bear fried my ass (and made me feel like I needed nothing more) – – well, then I’d do it, my friend.

I’d also do some of the other animal like movements detailed in the System – – and I’d be done with it before you could say voila – – and then savor the BUZZ – – and get on with the rest of my day.

That’s what I’d suggest you to do as well.

Take some time to explore the movements found in the System – – they’ll benefit you like never before.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’m almost done with  my new course on pull-ups – – the second level as it were. “Dud to Stud” gave you the keys to banging out pull-ups like nobody’s biz, and NOW, it’s time to take it to the next level. Hidden keys galore. Oh yeahhhh. Be on the outlook for it soon – – it BE CRACKING,  my friend.

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