Pull-up monsters – HERE is one for ya!

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Dear reader,

We all know what defines the term “pull-up monster” don’t we?

Those “incredibly ripped” and fit looking guys that can seemingly bang ’em out by the dozen – – and bang ’em out all day long without even breaking  a sweat.

Those guys with abs that look like they were constructed of steel and rebar rather than flesh and blood – – and trim, toned – – and yet, hellatiously POWERFUL looking midsections.

And those guys, of course, whose muscles you can literally “see” rippling under the skin, especially when it comes to the back.

The old timers had this look, of course – – most of them, at any rate – – and pull-ups were one of the cornerstones of their workouts, as it should be.

And so it is for me – – and so it should be for you once you’re past a certain level.

In the past I put out a course on pull-ups which changed lives and got folks from “dud” (i.e. ZERO pull-ups or even dead hangs) to “STUD” level (a.k.a banging them out willy nilly in proper form and cadence, and doing so for reps).

And while the feedback I have received for this course is gratifying indeed, what is even more gratifying is the fact that some of you wanted to go to the next level. Progress to the next level rather – – and guess what – – I HEARD YOUR voices, my brothers and sisters.

I’ve finally got the next course on pull-ups done and dusted, and it’s on the website now right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-stud-to-super-stud-within-weeks/.

Now, it goes without saying that you can do what I mentioned in the earlier course and still be set for the rest of your life in terms of gains, my friend. THAT course alone will put you in the 1% category of people globally that can at least do pull-ups for reps in GOOD form (and believe it might well be called an elite category).

And THIS course will put you in not just elite – – but RAREFIED company, my brother.

Amongst other things, you’ll learn 25 different variations on the regular pull-up – – all toughies, and most of which you probably hadn’t ever dreamt about, let alone even attempt.

You’ll learn how to develop a 12 pack without even TRYING to do so – – and you’ll learn how — get this – – leg positioning can ENTIRELY change the feel and intensity of the exercise.

These, and plenty more secrets are revealed in “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!“.

Run over NOW and check it out – – it’ll knock your SOCKS off, my friend. You do NOT want to miss this.


Pull-ups – – “STUD” to “SUPER” stud within WEEKS

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