Train like a GLADIATOR!

Dear reader,

I just got done with my workout and I’m feeling on top of the world – ready to blast through ANY and all obstacles, tasks, negativity and so on and so forth – – and do so with  minimum fuss at that.

I’m ready to PLOUGH through “opposition” like the famed M1 Abrams Tank does – or to put in other terms, like a GLADIATOR in the Colesium.

You know what I am referring to, don’t you?

Those WARRIORS – – those bronzed warriors – – that literally fought till the death and the last drop of blood was spilled.

Physically, these warriors (and MEN in general until about a century or so ago) were as close to “perfection” as possible – – in all regards, mind you.

Strength – fitness – overall stamina and endurance – you name it, and they had it in spades.

And how did they train?

They trained hard – they trained regularly – they made ZERO excuses (and indeed, were not allowed to either) – and most of all, they trained, for the most part with  BODYWEIGHT exercises that got them into the sort of super shape that they were in.

Pushups. Pull-ups. Climbing ropes. Jumping rope (this was a favorite by the way for armies in the past). And so forth.

All done in reps and sets that would make the modern day man puke and retreat into his self imposed shell just by reading about it.

And it was hard training that – believe me – made MEN out of boys, my friend.

The ancient gladiator didn’t sit around yanking the puny little cords on a lat pull down machine to “build the outer heads of the greased lats” and then stand around for hours admiring the “look”.

No – they did pull-ups – and PLENTY OF THEM – and in ways that would make the average “modern day gym” goer goggle on in amazement.  And no, they did NOT lift dumbbells or such “easy to lift” weights – it was mostly HARD, HARD lifting – such as rock lifting – or other oddly shaped heavy implement.

But the physical, my friend, pales into comparison with the MENTAL side of all this.

The warriors that took NARY a step backwards – – and as for entertaining thoughts of defeat? I doubt a gladiator ever even THOUGHT of defeat, much less entertained thoughts of “what would I do if I lose” – – not simply because there was no choice – – but also because he didn’t believe he could lose!

And that brings me to the central dispatch of today’s email – – which is to TRAIN – – and do so like a GLADIATOR!

When you train with FOCUS, determination and GUMPTION – and you BROOK NO INTERFERENCE during your training – you start to not only build the body of a gladiator but the mindset as well.

The closest subset of folks to gladiators in the modern day is elite units in the Army – such as the U.S. Marine Corps – them of the “GUMPTION” and “DO OR DIE” brand as well.

A Marine knows no defeat. Give a Marine a challenge, and his mind will instantly start to work upon finding a SOLUTION rather than a bazillion different ways to “escape” the situation.

And in civilian life? Elite athletes such as boxers, sprinters and wrestlers – they’ve got the above characteristics as well.

Now, the point of me telling you all is  this is not to say you should become part of the Special Forces or turn into a “modern day” gladiator (although neither one of those are bad choices, hehe).

Fact is that’s not going to happen for everyone – but yet – point of me saying all this is that we ALL deal with ONE BATTLE daily – a battle that requires ALL the above characteristics and then some to emerge victorious.

That being the battle of life, my friend.

The CRUCIBLE of life, as I like to put it.

We hear crap news about the economy everywhere we turn. Divorce rates are spiralling as is inflation. Many folks don’t have jobs. The list of “negatives” goes on and on, and yet, whether you believe in all this or not is NOT the point.

Point being, ALL those above characteristics are required in order to FIGHT the battle of life HEADS ON – – and EMERGE VICTORIOUS – – bloodied, yet not BEATEN at the end of it all!!

If you asked me to sum up the benefits of my flagship product the much vaunted “0 Excuses Fitness System“in a few words, physical effects would be the last thing I’d mention although YES, the System if used WILL turn the average tub of blubber into a runaway fitness machine with nothing else other than bodyweight.

What I’d mention first though would be the mental effects – the mental FORTITUDE and STEELY FACED determination and CHARACTER the course builds – that not only gets you fit, but enables to face life head on, front on, and tackle (and go through) life’s numerous challenges like a roaring, tearaway Brahma Bull.

And the 10 Commandments of Physical Success might as well be renamed “10 Commandments of SUCCESS”, so universal are these truths that I lay out in the System.

Hell, I could easily justify the entire price of the System in terms of THESE commandments (and personal examples/experiences which are priceless) alone – – so you owe it to yourself to take a gander right here – –

And last but certainly not least I’ll close this out by saying that Rome was not built in a day – – but built it WAS, my friend.

What does that mean?

Well, if you’re currently at “couch potato” status and the very idea of even 25 – or 15 – or and I’m NOT kidding – 5-8 pushups done in proper form sounds like a distant dream, well – NOT to worry.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” as they say.

And a skyscraper is only built when you take that first action, my friend.

And even if you’re at couch potato or tub of lard status right about now and haven’t done any real physical activity in years, that first action is easy to take, my friend.

All you have to do is raise your right buttcheek off the couch, or sofa, or computer chair, or bar stool (belch) or office chair – slide in a couple of fingers, pull out your wallet, and invest in yourself right here –

Invest in yourself NOW – and reap the benefits forever, my friend. It’s that simple.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I literally ended up “growling” at a lady who shoved a phone under my nose as I was completing a toughie this afternoon. UGGGGGGGHHHHH – boy do I hate that! I’ve made no secret of my dislike for folks interrupting me during my workout and smartphones/selfies at the most inopportune moments in general, and this lady was another one of that brigade. Ugh again.

P.S. #2 – By the way, and in case you did not know – – my new course on pull-ups – – an advanced course for the modern day GLADIATOR is going like gangbusters. Join the fun right here – –


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