Corrugated core

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Dear reader,

I just got done with  my workout – and my abs are on FIRE. Quite literally – – or so it feels like, at any rate, especially the LEFT side of my body which I worked a little harder today apparently.

My front abdominals don’t feel like muscles or ridges of muscle. They feel like small rectangular blocks of CONCRETE embedded into my midsection – – running all the way up from my stomach to my groin.

In between, there are thin strands of muscle that feel as tough and yet as flexible as a steel band.

And my sides feel TORCHED to the extreme, not to mention my lower back. I don’t feel like I’ve got “muscles” running up my sides a.k.a. obliques although it may seem and “look” like I certainly do, but I feel like I’ve got BANDS of IRON running up and down my sides.

Tensile iron at that, willing to bend if needed. Ever ready to STRETCH and COIL – – and POUNCE if need be.

And you know what the great thing about all this is??

I’m not even tensing my abdominals to get this effect. This is a NATURAL effect – – yes – you read that right – – these are my “relaxed” abdominals!

Yes, you may think that ab muscles are only really supposed to be “hard” when they’re tensed, and YES, when you tense ’em – – they SHOULD BE rock solid – – but the point is that abs when trained well enough, and trained the way I train ’em are ALWAYS rock solid my friend.

Yes, if I tense my own abs – that degree of rock solid rises more than a few notches, but truth be told, I hardly ever need to do that.

And why?

Not just because I don’t primp and preen and have mirrors ready for “flexing and toning” like the pumpers and toners do. It’s because I don’t need to.

What do I  mean by this?

Well, a few weeks ago I made a trip to Hong Kong, and it was crowded on the way back to mainland China.

I  mean jampacked – – crowds jostling hither and thither as it were.

And as so often happens in these crowds, people are in a hurry, and before I knew it, I felt someone try to rush past me, and he ended up unwittingly elbowing me right in the midsection (left side if I recall correctly).

And he did so with some fair amount of force as well – – think swinging arms at full time as if he was “power walking”.

That pointy end of the elbow hit pretty hard – – but it just bounced off, and I didn’t even feel it.

More to the point though, HE felt it.

He looked back as if to say “what did I hit my elbow against!” and briefly rubbed it a couple of times before moving on.

You know what I mean now, don’t you?

He thought he had quite literally smashed his elbow into a wall of sorts, so rock solid was that upper ab that  he unknowingly hit – – and as for me? Might as well have been a rabbit or rubber ball bouncing off my midsection for all it felt like.

And THAT, my dear reader is the best part about all this.

So, how DID I get these abs from hell you ask?

Well – there are many ways to do ’em. Some advanced, some not – – and some, as I detail in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, fairly easy and stuff that anyone can probably begin to do.

But there is ONE exercise which works the best, my friend. ONE exercise – and it requires nothing other than your own body.

No, not even a chinning bar or a place to “hang” from – -just YOU, and the FLOOR (and maybe a handy pillow if you’ve got on).

This ONE exercise if done right and practiced religiously WILL give you the CARVED ABS look you so desperately want, my friend. And what’s more, it’ll do it within 15-20 minutes tops.

In fact, when most people start ONE minute or less is all they can do, and they can start to feel the difference within seconds (and I’m NOT kidding ya on that one).

This one exercise is the reverse pushup – something most people hardly ever do, and don’t have a clue on how to do.

And once you combine that with the BEST darn exercise I teach you – – well – – watch out, my friend – – You TOO will be on the sure shod path to obtaining ABS from hell – – and a CORRUGATED CORE as it were!

Most, if not all the information on how to do this on the Internet is flat out wrong – – but not to worry – – I’ve put out a course that not only tells you how to do this exercise, but gives you so many different variations on it that you could spend your entire lifttime working on them and still not be “sated”.

You can find it right HERE – –

And again – – you will not be able to find THIS info anywhere else on the Internet, my friend. There truly is NOT a product out there of this nature and caliber.

Order now – and watch dem abs start to materialize before your very eyes!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I use the term “core” in this email, and rightfully so. It’s not “just about the abs”. It’s about building a rock solid and freakishly strong midsection – – carved abs are but ONE of the side effects – – the other being a strong, flexible and permanently pain free lower back. Hurry on over now and start exploring this amazing exercise right HERE – – 

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