How NOT to do pull-ups!

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Dear Reader,

Today I’ll deviate a bit from the norm and show you a video – but one which details how NOT to do pull-ups.

Pull-ups are a great, great exercise  – – one of the best known to mankind, but unfortunately a lot of people denigrate this great exercise by engaging in tomfoolery and “chest thumping” when they do this exercise – – and do it incorrectly at that.

I’ll give you a bit of background on this in a minute but before I start – –  remember that a REAL MAN (or woman, for that matter) – – a REAL trainee – – does NOT need to “pump” and “show off” in front of the bros!

A real man does NOT bully – – or engage in any activities akin to it – – and a real man is most certainly NOT a keyboard warrior.

Unlike a certain “Dr. Singh” (praise be – NOT – to whichever institution bestowed him the title of “Dr” – – if at all, of course – – wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that was a figment of his imagination) who is and acts anything BUT like a real man – – or a man at all for that matter.

Doink the clown – move OVER. You’ve got serious competition here, bro, hehe.

Anyway, before I give you a bit of background on this – – the actual video itself will be posted on our Twitter account (and possibly our Facebook etc will have links to it as well) so if you have NOT yet “followed” us on social media, please do so now.

As I said in yesterday’s post, there are some things that are more convenient or otherwise appropriate to share via social media, and today’s “buffoonery” is one of them (well that, and plus user reach, bandwidth considerations on the actual 0 Excuses site itself make it more practical to post on Twitter).

Second, if you do not know how to do pull-ups the right way – – or are stuck at a certain rep count etc – – THIS is the course you need – –

And now the background – – for those that have been following me, you know I’m currently in mainland China, and living here necessitates uses of the “Wechat” app on the blasted smartphone, of course.

China  (as a whole)  for whatever reason is even more “smartphone involved” (and I’m using a kind term there, hehe) than the rest of the world, but whatever – this ain’t a debate about smartphones and my  opinion on them.

So I posted a bit about my services on WeChat (on a group there, to be specific) and asked folks to contact me if interested. Wasn’t anything to do with  my fitness biz – was actually related to something else I do here.

And being I detest the smartphone and use only when required, I posted, and let the phone “slide to the side” as it were while I continued on with my activities on the computer.

An hour or so later, the darn thing blinks, and I see I was “mentioned” in the group by a certain “Dr. Singh” who appeared to be kind of peeved and claimed I was “fake” because I didn’t respond speedily to his initial post (apparently he ignored that very post itself where I asked interested folks to contact me privately).

Given the nature of his post and the vibes coming from his “are you fake” post, I responded with a “Read the post” message, which apparently ticked the good Doctor off even more, hehe.

“Don’t be cocky!” is what he responded with – – and while I’m NOT going to dignify the rest of his responses by posting here I may well post a few screen shots on Twitter, so stay tuned on that front. ‘Tis hilarious if nothing else.

He then unleashed a barrage of invective and other juvenile stuff about “not working with me” (must admit it made me “giggle” a bit as well) and I merely responded with a comment along the lines of “Thanks! I’d rather not work with seemingly semi-literate morons as well!”.

The invective continued unabated – – but I let it go. I was NOT interested in engaging with “keyboard warrior el supremo”, hehe. Got better things to do in life – bigger fish to fry.

Apparently Dr. Singh doesn’t though, and my lack of responses irked him even more.

And this morning he posted a video which prompted THIS particular post – – a video in which he supposedly does 3 pull-ups (actually he does not even do ONE correctly – and the other two? I don’t even notice a pull there, hehe) – – and at the end of it all “glowers” into the camera looking more like a bearded Doink the clown if anything else.

Apparently that  is supposed to “intimidate” yours truly as well as others.

Now, the tomfoolery and pumping and preening is one thing. I see this sort of nonsense going on with the bros at the gym all the time – – but the REAL reason I’m posting this (and hopefully making Dr. Singh “world famous” at the same time) is because of his UTTER AND COMPLETE lack of RESPECT for the EXERCISE!

It’s bad enough he’s gotta act the way he does. It’s bad enough he’s gotta try and be a keyboard warrior (note – I used the word “try”) and not only that – be a cyber bully – but I draw that line in the sand when it comes to denigrating a great, great exercise like this and any other, and doing so with  impunity at that.

So – – screen shots and a video on how NOT to do pull-ups following shortly on Twitter. Now remember I’m in mainland China where access to social media etc can be sporadic at best, so the best option is to “follow” me so you’ll be notified of new posts, videos etc automatically.

And the other reason of course I’m posting it is because it shows you how NOT to do pull-ups. Some folks (sad, but true) genuinely believe that this sort of pull-up is a real pull-up – – hint – – it is NOT – – I repeat – – NOT!

Last, but not least – – you don’t train to “impress others”. You don’t crank out handstand pushups to “be bigger than Joe Blow” and then pump and preen in front of said person. You don’t become a master at pull-ups – or anything at all – by doing it for the WRONG reasons!

You do so by doing it for the RIGHT reasons, my friend.

And any serious trainee worth his or her salt knows what I’m referring to.

My workout today was another 150 special – – 75 handstand pushups mixed in with 75 pull-ups and a few odds and ends – – and believe you me, NO pumping and toning was NEEDED at the at the end of it.

If anything, the “oohs and aahs” from the onlookers at the park in itself told me a story, hehe.

That’s the sort of thing YOU will get as well when you train like I do. Inner confidence GALORE – – and your inner BEAST unleashed – – ready to PLOW through life and it’s battles and emerge unscathed.

A real MAN – – a warrior with FEELING and COMPASSION – – not to mention GUTS in SPADES – – and a man who does the right thing regardless.

After you watch the video, take a minute to compose yourself and stop laughing.

Once you do – – grab BOTH the courses I’ve put out on pull-ups – – which show you how to do pull-ups the RIGHT way.

The first will get you started, and once you get started – and start to get good – start to work upon some of the stuff in the SECOND course.

Here they are –


And always remember – you are NOT alone in your training. I’m with you – – as are millions of our brothers and sisters around the globe that take PRIDE AND HONOR in training sensibly – – and doing the RIGHT THING.

THAT, at the end of the day makes it ALL worth it, my friend. Oh YES – oh yessss – it DOES!



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Instagram and Twitter are both great ways to stay in touch.

Twitter – – @0xcusesfitness

Instagram – – @0excusesfitness.

P.S. #2 – By the way, if you think you’ve seen it all in terms of pull-ups – – well – – think AGAIN. The advanced course on pull-us will give you variations of pull-ups you’ve likely never DREAMT of, let alone thought of (not to mention catapult you from your current pull-up level to SUPER STUD level). Check it out right HERE – –

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