Train the way of the ape

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Dear reader,

As I pulled (literally) through my workout today I did some very simple things indeed.

In fact, my entire workout today was simple – – much like my daily workouts. Simple, uncomplicated – – BRUTAL – – and oh YES – left me feeling like a zillion bucks and on TOP of the world as usual!

Now, this post is not so much about the specifics of my workout today – – that was basically Hindu Squats, pull-ups, pushups and a few other “dibs and dabs” here and there. Was an entire body workout – – and yet, especially hard on the upper body mostly because of the rapid “cycling” through the entire routine with very little rest between sets etc.

And one of the things I did to really BLAST my entire upper body (not to mention utterly and totally FRY my grip) was to train like, well, an ape.

That’s right. Exactly as an ape would train – – except they don’t call it training, of course. They call it LIFE – – and survival (of the fittest, of course).

Now, we all know how strong monkeys, chimpanzees and gorillas are, right?

A chimpanzee can kill a crocodile with it’s bare hands – – and if a BABY – – yes, BABY monkey were to grab an adult man’s little finger it could squeeze that little finger with such ferocity that it would make the man scream “Uncle” within NO time at all.

And thats not even getting into the brute strength that gorillas etc possess.

Now, how exactly do these apes get so strong, you ask?

Well – simple – by doing what they do on a regular basis – – which is to swing themselves from branch to branch on trees ALL day long!

Pulling movements – – and yet – – that “swinging pull”  is really what gives them that INHUMAN level of pulling strength, my friend – – and arms and shoulders that look like they’re carved out of granite and are about three times or more as strong!

The closest approximation we humans have to this are monkey bars – aptly named – and yet most adults scoff at this WONDERFUL piece of equipment which is basically “begging”  you to use it for free.

Most adults scoff at this sort of thing calling it “kiddie stuff” – but guess what. Most of these adults would be doing well to even HOLD on to the monkey bars for any  length of time – let alone actually “swing” without pulling tendons, muscles or more.

And advanced swings like I do – might as well forget about that one when it comes to the average modern day human ape, hehe.

And that’s basically what I did to make my workout ultra tough today. Try swinging across the monkey bars the way I teach you in my courses for reps/sets BETWEEN your other exercises. It’s not easy to say the least – and it’ll give you a hell of a workout as well.

I often hear (and have blogged about) the “Da Xing Xing” chants I get when training. In Mandarin Chinese “Da Xing Xing” translates into Gorilla.

’nuff said me thinks!

Now, this is one of the keys I mention to getting better – and quickly – at pull-ups in “Pull-Ups — from DUD to STUD” – – and one key which is often ignored despite it’s obvious importance.

These and other keys are available to you right HERE – –

Oh, and if you think insane pulling strength doesn’t translate over into real life, think again.

If you think “oh, that’s just for getting better at pull-ups. It ain’t gonna help me otherwise” – – well – – think several times, my friend.

It DOES translate over – and it WILL help you.

You might be able to bench press the world, but when it comes time to carry Granny – or your girl friend, for that matter, up a flight or several flights of stairs – – guess what. Those bench press numbers won’t help you there. Your pull will.

In a street fight? Well, guess what – – the amount of weight you can pull down on the lat pull down machine ain’t gonna matter then. What WILL matter is how many guys you can PULL towards you – and then take down – and STRIKE.

And so forth.

Believe me, this stuff DOES have real life benefits – – but you’ll have to experience it for yourself to see what I’m yellin about, my friend.

Last, but not least, remember that it’s always good to train the way of the animal – – the grizzly being another prime example that I’ll be covering soon.

All for now – if you train today – make it a great, great one!



P.S. – One animal you want to avoid training – and behaving like – at all costs is a jackass, my friend. The human jackass I referred to in my last post – ah, but you remember him, don’t you? Him of the “how NOT to do pull-ups” post – – and his video is finally up for “posterity” on Twitter. Feel free to have a laugh — and SHARE!

P.S # 2 – And once you’re done laughing, watch the other video on how to DO pull-ups and then start cranking on some of the other supplementary exercises I mention in the course – –

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