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Dear reader,

One of the greatest and best things about ANY and all of the courses in the 0 Excuses Fitness System is that the mental benefits you’ll get from this type of training is – quite literally – UNPARALLELED.

Crossfit is great – but it doesn’t quite hit all the sweet spots. Going to the gym and lifting weights – well – that is NOT what I’d recommend, and if you’re lifting weights the way they were SUPPOSED to be lifted – the way the oldtimers did?

Well, that’s good too – but the sheer FEELING and buzz? You cannot get it from lifting weights, my friend – or I should say that whatever little buzz one may or may not get from lifting weights PALES in comparison to the sheer INVIGORATING effect – – and MAMMOTH, super buzz you get from handling your own bodyweight from all angles and directions.

And of course – – then you have the physical benefits galore that you already know about – – but again – – the mental part of all this, to me, is what is MOST important.

The DRIVE – the FOCUS – the GUMPTION – and the sheer  WILLPOWER these exercises build is second to NONE!!

And why is this so important?

Well – primarily because we ALL need to face life and it’s ups and downs, my friend – some of us more so than the rest of us.

And while there may be plenty of reasons behind this, there is NO denying that the crucible of LIFE is sometimes way, way harder than the actual “physical” toughness that the Crucible (or tests of a similar nature) builds in the U.S. Marines and elite forces throughout the world.

But again – – the physical benefits are great – – but what any serious Marine or elite forces member will really tell you is that this sort of thing (after a hellatious few weeks of training, mind you) builds CHARACTER – and GUMPTION (not to mention camaraderie and BROTHERHOOD) more than anything else – – and THAT, at the end of the day is what gets you through battle unscathed.

Or – bloodied, bruised, but a VICTOR regardless!

The Crucible is by far the toughest test a Marine has to pass before earning the coveted tag, but it’s what leads up to it is what really makes it almost impossible to complete (for the average person, at any rate).

And again – we’re NOT all soldiers – but the battle of life is something we face on a daily basis, my friend – and I don’t know about you, but I for one GLADLY welcome any and all “weapons” to fight through – PUSH through – the crucible of LIFE and emerge VICTORIOUS at the end.

And while the exercises in the 0 Excuses Fitness System ARE – and have always been one of my weapons of choice, guess what the PRIMARY weapon of choice is?

ONE exercise (combined with a few others) – – but that ONE exercise reigns supreme, my friend.

And that one exercise is the handstand pushup – – NOT done as most people teach it.

Believe you me, this ONE exercise alone makes me feel on top of the world after a few reps. Makes me feel like I can blast through barriers – akin to an Abrams tank remorselessly MOWING down any and ALL opposition on the battlefield!

Believe you me – – a tough, tough set of handstand pushups gives you a buzz – – and an upper body workout that is quite literally OUT OF THIS WORLD – and one that bears NO PARALLEL to any other “modern day” training techniques around (and certainly NOT the pumping and toning we see going on at the gyms these days).

Handstand pushups – – to me – – quite frankly – – are what allow me to get through life’s crucibles when I need to.

They are the ONE exercise that build character, gumption and PERSEVERANCE – and a GUNG HO, never ever say die attitude in the face of adversity. And THEY are the one exercise that not only builds BATTLETANK SHOULDERS – – but also gives you a super workout – – and when you combine it with a few other exercises?

Well – watch OUT, my friend. King Kong (or a human version, at any rate) himself would have some serious competition in terms of the massive upper body you’ll develop – – and that, my friends, may sound like an exaggeration – – but it’s really not.

So get the one tool you need to battle through the BARRIERS of life, and emerge VICTORIOUS at the end of the CRUCIBLE, my friend – and get it right HERE – –

You’ll never regret it for a MOMENT.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The course I mentioned is actually an advanced course, so if you’re just starting out and don’t have an inkling of what I’m talking about in terms of handstand pushups – – then THIS is the course to get – –

P.S. #2 – Our sale is going FULL BLAST – – 25 % off, and if there was an opportunity to JUMP on, THIS is it, my friend. I don’t know the next time I’ll be doing something like this to be honest. Enter in “YEAROFTHEDOG” as the “code” on the checkout page to avail of this mindblowing discount on ALL 0 Excuses Fitness products until Feb 16, 2018!


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