A forgotten chest exercise

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Dear reader,

Despite the multitude of trainees literally “running amok” to build a massive chest – – there is ONE exercise which does an awesome job at it, and is yet often ignored for the most part.

And while the good ole pushup and ALL it’s variations (and believe me there are plenty – so many that you could do pushups your entire life and never really get bored of ’em if you do ’em right – AND keep making gains), I’m not referring to that here.

Pushups aren’t oft-forgotten so much as they are “dissed” as being easy. Funnily enough most folks who diss ’em as being too easy would be hard pressed to pop off a set of 25 strict, slow military style pushups.

Funny how that works, eh?

But anyway – I’m not referring to the pushup.

I’m referring to the DIP, my friend. The parallel bar dip.

This exercise is performed extensively by gymnasts all over the world – and this exercise in conjunction with a lot of other pulling movements (as well as pushing movements requiring balance) is KEY and instrumental in building those deep chests, broad shoulders and lats as wide as barn doors (not to mention humungous triceps that are every bit as strong as they look).

Along with the pull-up, the dip is often referring to as the upper body equivalent of the squat, and with damn good reason as well.

Sad part is though, that though most trainees ignore this excellent exercise, those that DO it are usually doing it in incorrect form.

Bouncing at the bottom. Going too far down. And so forth. These are the mistakes I see people (even advanced trainees) making ALL the time.

When you do dips, you do NOT go “all the way down” unless you want to risk shoulder injury. Simply go down as far as you can go without putting too much strain on the shoulders. For most people, this would probably be short of your upper arms being perpendicular to the dipping bars.

You most definitely should NOT go “all the way down” as you do in a regular pushup unless you have extremely flexible shoulders – – or unless you’re willing to court injury.

And you should push – – ALL THE WAY – – UP.

This last bit is often ignored as well. A lot of trainees stop short of a full push – – not good if you’re looking to develop the chest to it’s fullest, my friends (along with your shoulders).

Of course, the dip is by far NOT the only ignored exercise. Handstand pushups – – which are THE exercise of choice to build strong durable (and massive) shoulders like BOULDERS – – are also often ignored.

Bad choice again if you’re looking to build the chest and back to their entirety, my friend.

Learn proper form – incorporate these two solid strength and mass builders into your routine – and I guarantee you’ll NEVER be disappointed in terms of lasting upper body gains.

And of course – – as an added bonus – – you’ll also get ’em Shoulders like BOULDERS, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Shoulders like Boulders mentions dips as well – – be sure and grab your copy right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/


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