Sore pecs!

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Dear reader,

My workout today was far, far more pec intensive than I ever intended it to be – – and the funny part was, it didn’t involve more than a few ground pushups.

Here I sit a few hours after writing this – and I’m barely able to raise my arms above my shoulders without FEELING it – – not so much in my triceps but my upper pecs. Oh MY!

And needless to say my pecs feel bigger – – as do my triceps, and my entire upper back region has that “worked to the bone” feeling as well.

In short – –  it was the workout most trainees would kill for in terms of an upper body blast, and the great part was this – it contained (for the most part) only three major exercises.

Which were these?

Well, the wide grip pull-up, the dip, and of course the handstand pushup. I got through about 140 of all this before deciding that 150 (although I hit that number regularly) was beyond my capacities today!

Sure – I did some other odds and ends and core training (from hell) amidst all this. I also got in a few long walks while I was at it – – but in terms of upper body, THAT was what really did it today – – and did it well at that.

I’ve no doubt I’ll be sore all throughout my chest and triceps tomorrow, and though my upper back is used to it, it’ll be interesting to see how I go in that regard as well.

The real key though in terms of the intensity of the workout was a) how I approached it and b) PROPER form.

I didn’t race through the entire workout – – but neither did I dwadle. And I did something most folks don’t even THINK about – – which is to focus upon my breathing THROUGHOUT the entire workout.

Wait a minute, I hear you say. Dips – and pull-ups – and BREATHING?

Well, yes – – I know – – but believe me, breathing the right way is paramount to your success in any endavor – – physical included. Your breath is indeed your POWER, and when you start breathing the right way as I teach in my courses, you’ll see what I mean as you effortlessly pump out rep after rep with seemingly minimal effort.

I include an entire CHAPTER on breathing – and doing so the right way in the 0 Excuses Fitness system – – and you’ll definitely want to read what I have to say – –

b), of course is something that most people ignore as well  – especially those who say bodyweight exercises are “easy”, or that they “don’t build any real strength”.

Yeah. Right. If they were that easy, and didn’t require/build strength, I’d think those that diss ’em would be able to crank out rep after rep in proper form …

Proper form is something I harp on about in ALL my courses, and rightfully so. Do the exercise in anything less than proper form and in the vast majority of cases you might as well not DO the exercise at all in my opinion as you’re not getting anywhere near close to the benefits you otherwise would.

Of course, this doesn’t mean those that are at a beginner’s level should feel discouraged. In the beginning, when you start many of the exercises in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, it will take you a while to get going in good form – – or anywhere close to it.

And GREAT form? That’ll take a while to come, but keep working on it, my friend. Key thing is to consciously focus on form while doing the exercises as opposed to a “oh, let me just race through this thing” sort of mentality.

And that’s how it should be, my friend.

Regular, hard  and FOCUSED workouts – that keep you in top shape and make you feel like a billion bucks – -all by using your own body.

Can’t ask for more than that, me thinks!

OK – that’s all for today. I’ll be back again later with more!


Rahul Mookerjee

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