Three hidden keys to getting better at pull-ups

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Dear reader,

Just got done with a superb outdoor (advanced) workout – – and I feel GREAT. Absolutely great – – on TOP of the world, and in that spirit, lets  jump straight into it.

Pull-ups are the toughest of exercises for most adults to master, and yet it doesn’t have to be that way, my friend. In fact, even a rank beginner at pull-ups can get from 0 (or half a) pull-ups to 100 – – or MORE pull-ups per set VERY quickly indeed provided you follow my tips on getting better.

These tips have been detailed in both my courses on pull-ups, and let’s cover three of them here : –

First off, your BREATH is the key to improvement at pull-ups (or one of them, at any rate – – but one of the most important ones).

This holds true for any exercises or activity you partake of, but even more so for pull-ups due to the “challenging” nature of the exercises, and yet – when you master the art of breathing correctly while doing dem pull-ups – – well – – watch out – – and WATCH your pull-up levels SKYROCKET before your very eyes.

Yes, I know this jars with what most people think. Pull-ups require “effort”, right? Lots of grunting and moaning your way through super tough sets – – not to mention clenching the muscles and giving it your all?

Well  – – it does involve some of that – – but you’ll be surprised to find that it’s your EXHALE that actually works best at getting you better at pull-ups than your actual muscles do – – and those that have read the books on pull-ups and implemented the advice therein know what I’m talking about.

“Your breath is your power”.

Truer words were never uttered, and they were uttered by Martin Famer Burns, old time strongman and wrestler (he of the 20 inch neck who could survive being put in a hangman’s drop) way “back in the day”.

And yes, they hold as true today as they did back then.

Second, another powerful key to getting better at pull-ups lies not in the body – – but in the mind.

Visualize yourself getting better at pull-ups correctly – – and do so while doing the actual exercise, and you’ll be STUNNED at the speed at which you improve.

Yes, this may jar big time with a lot of folks as well – – I already hear the babel of voices chanting “but it’s a tough physical exercise – – what on earth does visualization of all things have to do with it”.

But it does.

It does, my friend, and as you’ll read in my own story in the initial book on pull-ups – – visualization was, more than anything else, what ultimately got me to 100 pull-ups and more in a set.

Do NOT miss the part on visualization in the new and updatedPull-ups – from Dud to STUD within a matter of WEEKS” – – available right HERE – –

Third, how you position your legs DOES have an impact on the exercise – – and how easy – – or how difficult — you make it. I cover this in detail in one of the courses – – and even if I didn’t, it would be crystal clear if you followed the workouts I’ve laid out in the book.

Fourth, and this is important and bears repeating ad infinitum (and I’ve done so as well, hehe) – – there’s NO kipping involved in getting better at pull-ups.

If you want to get better at sloppy reps, by all means kip away.

If you want to ignore your grip and the weakest areas of your body to artificially inflate your numbers, well, kip till you drop, my friend. I could care less.

And thus forth. But if you truly want to get better – – to “stud” – – and then “super stud” level at pull-ups – – well, then, you know EXACTLY what to avoid.

The above terms might sound strange to you when you’re stuck at zero or a minimal number of pull-ups – – but believe me, if you incorporate the tips I’ve laid out in the books, you’ll get there very quickly.

Last, but not least, always remember that “nodding the head alone doesn’t rock the boat”. This Twainism is indeed something to remember in ALL aspects of your life, including exercises.

Simply “reading” the book will NOT get the job done.

You read – you read again – then you DIGEST – and think about what has been written in the book and then – – the most important part – – you DO.

Since this seems to be a day for famous quotes, I’ll quote another famous saying – – an Emerson saying – – “Do the thing and you shall have the power”.

So true, my friend. So true indeed.

Three tips? Well, that’s five at last count, hehe – – and on that note – – it’s adios for today, my friend. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Already getting better at pull-ups? Able to crank out reps of 10 effortlessly? Think you’re a master at pull-ups – – or close to it? Well, great – – I applaud you, my friend – – but there’s still mountains to be moved here. Crack open the SECOND – – and ADVANCED course on pull-ups “Pull-ups – – from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS” and get cracking on the workouts therein.

P.S. #2 – – Here is that link yet again: –

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