Creative Visualization gone WILD

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Dear reader,

In yesterday’s email about getting better at pull-ups – – the three or four – – or five, I believe I ended up giving out – – tips about getting better at pull-ups, I spoke about visualization and the sheer power it can impart to your training.

Or anything else you do in life for that matter.

‘Tis so true, my friend. ‘Tis so true, and today’s experience PROVES it – as if it needed to be proven, hehe, but yet another nail in the final coffin of “no it doesn’t work” (for those that believe it doesn’t).

I was having a rather annoying day today – – now, I generally try and get a bit of work done before my workout – – and then the majority of it AFTER my workout – – after I’m well and truly “buzzed” and “ready to go” if you get my drift.

And it just so happened that this morning I dealt with more than a few idiots and morons who were intent upon giving me their brand of negativity and “nay saying” (not to mention nonsense).

I’m normally oblivious and impervious to this kind of rot, but it was a bit over the top today, and it did end up annoying me more than a wee bit.

So I figured I’d head out, and do an extra tough workout – – and so I did – – but for some reason I couldn’t quite get into it the way I thought I would and “work the frustrations out” as it were.

I tried. Gritted my teeth. Used willpower. Almost even slapped myself a couple of times a.k.a “Over the Top” (an old time movie about arm wrestling where the behemoth wrasslers slap themselves several times on the face before a bout to get themselves going – youch!).

None of it worked.

And suddenly, an image popped into my mind out of nowhere.

It was that of the “old man I met in China” – – someone I’ve blogged about in the past on my other website, and someone that in many ways reminds me of my grandfather.

And along with that, several other images popped into my mind, as if magically, and it was as if God (though I’m an atheist) had waved his own magic wand to “soothe my mind” and get the good vibes going.

I saw myself in my mind’s eye popping off a tough set of dips – -and an even tougher ab exercise rightafterwards.

I saw myself pounding out handstand pushups like there was no tomorrow.

And so STRONG was the vision – – so MOVING were the images that I raced through the initial part of my workout – – beat several bests, and – – get this – – did WAY more in my workout than I normally do – – in the same amount of time.

Not only that – – I ended up doing several different kinds of exercises that I’ve never done before – – let alone thought of, and yet – – I did them today!

Did they make my workout more enjoyable? Hell yes!

Did they make me FEEL better? Oh HELL yes!

Did it make the workout tougher – – and therefore more beneficial? Sure it did.

Most of all – – am I GLAD for all this – – am I GLAD my subconscious gave my body directions to put myself through a pounding without me even realizing or consciously making any effort to think about it.

Oh heck YES!

And that, my friends is the power that visualization can impart to your workouts, life, relationships and any activity you partake of in general.

It’s all about positive vibes – – as opposed to the modern day buzz of “positive” thinking.

When you feel positive – – when you BUZZ positively – – you ATTRACT positivity – – and vice versa, my friend – – and if there was ever any proof needed – – well, my workout was enough proof today – – at least for me.

Try this little gem out the next time you’re “not really in the mood to workout” but “doing it anyway”.

And report back – – with the HECK of a workout I can guaran-damn-tee that you will have had post implementing this!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you haven’t yet gotten the course on pull-ups – – and read about how visualization helped me go from few to over a 100 pull-ups in ONE workout – – well – – what the hezey my friend? What are you waiting for? Pull on over right here, and read the story – – uncensored, RAW and straight from the horse’s mouth – – 

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