“Man with more muscle wear less clothes in public”

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Dear reader,

Was taking a break from pounding out my latest course (which seems to be around 70% or so done, by the way – – a CORE exercise course you core fanatics are gonna LOVE) – – and saw something hilarious on one of the WeChat groups I’m a part of.

The group itself is a fairly innocous one – – nothing really special. The usual spiel, in other words – – bored folks posting nineteen to the dozen on the group about their lives, spouses (or lack thereof), picture of their dogs, what they ate for breakfast, and all the other stuff you see on Facebook etc so commonly.


What caught my attention though was the group administrator’s message – – which just so happened to be in Chinese, and the literal English translation (when I used the translate feature) was “Man who have more muscle wear less clothes in public”.

And it seemed like this kind of upset the dude as he followed it up with a “seems they like to show their muscles off” comment made in English – – and followed it up with a “I don’t care” emoticon – – several of them actually.

‘Twas funny for several reasons – – first off, because he quite obviously did care to an extent at least, else I doubt he’d post about it, eh. 😉

Second, the dude himself (at least judging from his online avatar) is in some SERIOUS, SERIOUS need of a solid fitness program to pack on the MUSCLE, my friend. Gives the term “skin and bones” a a whole new meaning, and I ain’t talking “scary strong skinny” here if you get my drift, hehe.

But most of all, because “showing off one’s muscles” is the LAST thing many of us – – at least us serious trainees have in mind when we train shirtless.

I often do this at home as well as outdoors – – training without a shirt is, for one, far more “natural” in many ways than training with clothing on, and anyone’s that’s actually done it will attest to that.

It allows you to “get into the feel of the workout” a LOT more than if you have restrictive clothing “sticking” on to your upper body (especially for those of you in hot, humid climates) – – and while it’s certainly not REQUIRED – – I often train shirtless these days both outdoors and indoors.

Showing off  or anything close to it is not the goal though as you might imagine. I’ve been doing some brutally tough ADVANCED stuff as of late, and the sweat starts to POUR within minutes – – not to mention the fact that my muscles feel like a sledgehammer has been pounding away at them after a few reps/sets.

And training shirtless outdoors feels SO MUCH better – – especially when I can feel the fresh breeze hit my skin – – believe me, I went from a max set of12 handstand pushups (at the end of some other tough stuff) to 15 simply by taking my shirt off and doing them “free” as it were – – without the added hindrance of the cloth sticking to my body – – and this as a finisher, mind you.

And for those that don’t think that sort of finisher tough – – well – – try cranking out a few of the workouts in Battletank Shoulders  – – and try adding in HSPU’s as a finisher IN BETWEEN each step of the workout (and for the right number of total reps). You’ll be screaming uncle in on time – – that I DO guarantee.

Anyway, the other reason I write about this is that training shirtless – is something – – and let’s face it, guys – – MOST men WANT to do – – be it at the gym, or beach, or swimming pool – – or even local park.

And sad part is, most men are way too embarassed to even take their shirts off in public – – let alone TRAIN without them.

How do I know? Well, a long, long time ago I used to be one of them, my friend.

Saggy man boobs, a bloated, protruding gut – – way too much junk in the trunk, and so forth. You name it, and I’ve been there – – and I still remember the feeling of sheer ENVY I experienced when I used to see folks stride past me confidently training shirtless.

No longer though. The tables have turned – – my, HOW they have turned, eh.

And they can turn for YOU too, my friend – – if you only know HOW to “get her done”.

And the way to get her done – – to blowtorch excess fat off your body rapidly – – to get rid of those bingo wings, man boobs, saggy arse and all that is to follow the 0 Excuses way.

A plethora of different exercises that you could do for your entire LIFE, and still never master — and get in better shape EACH AND EVERY time you did ’em.

A plethora of different workouts that you could use for your ENTIRE life – – and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER ever feel ashamed about taking your shirt off in public once you get started on ’em.

A plethora of mind blowing workouts that will have you packing on muscle ALL over your body – – and hitting spots you never knew existed – – not to mention giving you slabs of concrete for ABS.

And much, much more.

So don’t miss out. If you haven’t already, stop by and grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here, my friend – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

You’ll be glad you did – – that I CAN promise.

Anyway – that’s the story for today. I’m STILL buzzing from that ultra tough workout I did today – – and I’ll write about that some other time!

If you train today – go  ALL out – – and make it a GREAT, GREAT one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is that link again – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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