Raging BULL like strength

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Dear reader,

I just got done watching a short video clip of a massive bull literally toying with an even more massive Land Cruiser (with four occupants in it apparently).

Quite literally TOYING with it. The bull was literally using it’s neck and shoulders to lift up the massive vehicle repeatedly and dump it back down on the ground – – only to lift it up a few minutes later!

And one look at the bull’s build – – specifically the shoulders and neck should be more than enough to explain where the sheer raw POWER came from – – the power along with the endurance that allowed it to keep lifting such a heavy weight with ease and toss it back down again.

Reminded me of yet another video I saw – – another awesome display of strength in the animal kingdom where a grizzly bear was literally running up hill with a 1200 kg+ ADULT MOOSE – held in it’s JAWS alone!

And again – no prizes for guessing where that strength came from. One look at the grizzly’s thickly muscled shoulders and the “hump” on it’s upper back should be more than plenty to reveal the “secret” – if it can even be considered as such.

THAT, my friends is animal kingdom strength.

REAL strength – strength that WORKS in the real world. RAW, unfiltered and UNADULTERATED POWER!

And that’s the strength YOU should aspire to have – but unfortunately this sort of strength is rarely, if ever seen in modern day trainees today.

See that guy with the huge biceps and upper arms cranking out heavy curls in the gym? Well, ask him to pop off a set of 10 pull-ups in proper form and chances are he won’t be able to do it.

See that dude with the massive, gargantuan traps doing shrugs (or deadlifts) at the gym? Well, he may be and probably is strong in those movements, but ask him to do a set of dips in proper form – – or carry a beer barrel up a flight of stairs without breaking  much of a sweat – – and chances are it ain’t – a -gonna happen, my friend.

Truth be told you’ll never ever get AS strong as a runaway, raging Brahma bull – – or a grizzly bear no matter how hard you train, but the truth also IS that you WILL get stronger – – a lot,  lot stronger than 99.999% of modern day trainees if you train the right way – – and do the right exercises.

And one of these exercises, my friend is the handstand pushup. Done correctly this exercise BLOWS all others right out of the water.

Doing deadlifts and shrugs at the gym may give you “gym strength”, but nothing close to the raging BULL LIKE strength you’ll build – – and FEEL — when you get to the point of popping off 15 or more perfect handstand pushups per set.

And that’s just ONE of the exercise I detail in my advanced “Battletank Shoulders” course – just ONE! If you do the other exercises mentioned therein and partake of some of the sample workouts – – well – – watch out — you’ll be buying new shirts before long, my friend.

Not only that – – you’ll have an animal like magnetism and charisma to you that pumping heavy weights, pounding the pavement or doing “yoga shmoga” will not – and CANNOT – give you.

Most of all though you’ll have that look in the eye – that “ability” to conquer any and all obstacles placed in your path – – much like the famed Abrams tank that mercilessly and REMORSELESSLY PLOWS through any opposition placed in it’s path!

I don’t know about you – – but that right there makes it an attractive enough proposition for me, my friend – – so attractive that I’m about to bound outdoors and get started on some “BattleTank Shoulders” workouts right NOW – – right after I send this to you.

And that is exactly what I’m about to do.

Adios for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I mention on the sales page that this course is only for SERIOUS trainees that want to develop mind boggling levels of strength and brutal “animal like” power in the shoulders and entire upper body/core. If you’re not part of this elite group, this course is NOT for you. If however, you ARE one of the few that aspires to greatness, well, look no further – – the ticket is right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/battletank-shoulders/


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