See – Believe – ACHIEVE

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Dear reader,

When I first started on many of the exercises that I’ve included in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, I wasn’t very good at them at all – – despite having a lengthy background in fitness/related activities.

Despite being able to hike steep hills all day without too much fatigue, the Hindu Squats (for example) kicked me in the can the first time I did ’em.

Pounded out about 30 – 40 the first time I did ’em – and thought – ok, no problem – and did about 40 more before figuring I’d gotten close enough to a 100 and moved onto other things.

Cardinal mistake #1 right there – only I realized the next morning when I could  barely walk without “wobbling” if you get my drift, hehe – and this lasted for the next THREE days.

The same thing with reverse pushups. I could  barely GET into the position and hold for time, let alone pound out sets of 50 in various different styles like I do these days – – and the VERY best exercise there is?

Well, let’s just say even walking the wall backwards was a chore for me as it is for many of you that have tried doing it after years of inactivity.

Point of me telling you all this though, my friend, is that TODAY I can do all these things at a level I  never imagined possible.

And one of the ways I achieved these goals (various goals by the way – not just exercise related) is by doing exactly what I’ve mentioned in the subject line of this post.

That is to – SEE – BELIEVE – and then ACHIEVE. Or, as I’ve said in the past – CONCEIVE  – believe – – ACHIEVE!

The first part of this is what I’ll talk about today. I’ve often spoken about visualization and how vitally important it is to incorporate into your routine to achieve your goals at a higher level, but yet, for whatever reason a lot of folks just don’t “get it” or dismiss it as “hocus pocus”.

No its not my friend.

In the 0 Excuse Fitness System I give you an example of my student Cathy (who was learning English from me at the time). She used this technique to improve her skills in a foreign language and today speaks the language at a way, way better level than she ever though she would when she first started to learn.

I’ve also spoken about this my book on Pull-ups (Pull-ups – – from Dud to Stud within a matter of WEEKS) – – and have included personal experience on how visualization helped me achieve my pull-up goals and get to levels I’d never ever previously thought I could get to.

(That book is available right here –

Last night I had a dream – a dream in which the words “See, Believe, Achieve” repeatedly played across my subconscious and so the first thing I had to do this morning (and am thus doing) is to share this with you – as visualization truly IS one of the VERY BEST things you can do for yourself with regard to higher accomplishments in ANY sphere of my life,  my friend.

Dreams – ah yes, dreams. Another one of my pet topics – and one that most people flat out dismiss as being fit for the looney tune bin.

Big, big mistake – when you direct your mind to a certain task and then “sleep upon it” – dreams are how your mind communicates solutions to whatever task/problem you’ve set for it to solve.

Not only that – dreams can and ARE prophetic in many ways – if you only know how to a) interpret and b) UNDERSTAND them.

Believe me now and trust me later, there have been many instances of me dreaming about things that I dismissed as being “just dreams” and yet those very same things happened in my life a few days later.

But lets  not get carried away – visualization, eh?

So if you’re currently stuck at 10 – or perhaps 5 reps of the Hindu Squat before your legs turn to “toast” and all the iron will in the world isn’t getting you to higher reps – well – try and use your MIND to propel you there.

SEE yourself doing 50 – or 70 – or even 100 squats (even when you’re stuck at 10). Hold that vision in your mind’s eye for as long as you can – and add INTENSITY into your thoughts as you do so.

Really picture the scene – everything about it with EMOTION and INTENSITY – and when you actually train, try and recapture those scenes as well in your mind.

Ditto for pull-ups – Hindu pushups – handstand pushups – or ANY other goal you have.

Do this religiously for a couple of weeks, and report back on your progress. I think you’ll be nigh amazed.

Last, but not least – this doesn’t of course “let you off the hook” in terms of actually “doing the thing”.

Sure – you visualize it – and then you go out there and DO – but the visualization is key because a) done correctly it imparts a sense of VIM, VIGOR and unbridled enthusiasm and positive vibes to your actions and b) also frees your creative mind to think of solutions to issues that you were previously unable to solve.

So don’t ignore this very vital tool in your training arsenal, my friend.

In closing then – and in short – visualize your goals “See in your mind’s eye” – BELIEVE (a.k.a emotion etc) – and then go out there and ACHIEVE (do).

That’s really all there is to it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My training slate is filling up pretty quickly, but I’ve still got a couple of spots available. If what I’ve said above interests you – and believe me, it’s always better to have a “guiding hand” available and at the ready to propel you towards your goals – then fill out the form right here to be considered for my coaching programs –

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