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Dear reader,

Was doing a tough exercise out there in the park today – uphill, at that – and as I pushed on through the movement, I heard a few “awestruck” murmurs from the few people “crazy” enough to be out there at mid-day.

“Wah! Xiong Mao!”  (Xiong Mao being “bear” in Mandarin Chinese)

“Gui lao, hao zhuang!” (the foreign devil is so strong!)

And so forth, as I continued through the movement, sweat dripping off me like a wet sponge, and so intense was the movement that I had to stop and rest about every minute or so – IF I made it that far.

I should also mention that this was at the end of a workout – – or towards it, at any rate – fatigue was starting to set in, my friend – – and THIS was the perfect finisher, but thats not what the point of this post is.

And as the “foreign devil” stood up to take a much needed breather, he heard something else.

“Xiong mao! Ta de Xiong Bu, Jiang gu de!”

Now, I’m not entirely sure (given my Chinese is rusty at best) I’m giving you the exact Chinese words, but translated into English it reads like “he’s got a strong chest, a chest like a bear!”.

And truth be told, although I was NOT doing a pushup – or any other “chest” related exercise, my chest did actually feel like it was going to pop out of it’s casing at that point – and in a GOOD way, my friend.

And if you haven’t already guessed what this movement was – I’ll tell you – it was an advanced version of none other the oft-scoffed at BEAR CRAWL – which is a superb overall health, strength and fitness builder BAR NONE if done correctly.

Ever wonder where the grizzly gets it’s almost legendary strength from, my friend?

Back in the day (in the 1800’s I believe) they used to pit Spanish bulls against grizzlies in a “gladiatoral” style contest – – and though the bulls (sometimes multiple of them) would do all they could to gore and hurt the grizzly (who was often chained), the grizzly would just rise up and break their necks with (and remember, these are full grown BULLS we’re talking!) one swipe of their mighty paws.

The nuts who organized these shows (believe me, I’m NOT a fan of “animal vs animal” nonsense, or even simulations thereof – but I’m writing this to show you the sheer strength the grizzly possesses) then got tired of this and brought African lions in at great expense to face the grizzly.

They’d unleash them two or three at time against ONE bear, and the result was EXACTLY the same, and even swifter.

2-0 as it were.

In more modern times, grizzlies have been observed to “toy” with 700 lb dumpsters as you might a beach ball.

They’ve been observed running at full bore UPHILL for long stretches – with a 1200 lb plus moose in their jaws. They’ve been known to outrun RABBITS – downhill!

Case and point, don’t you think?

And while the hump of muscle on it’s shoulders gives the grizzly the unnatural and immense power it has, it’s the STYLE it walks in that really builds strength throughout the bear’s entire body, especially the shoulders and forelimbs.

Let me tell you – – it’s about all most seasoned gym trainees can do to even get into and stay in the bear crawl position for more than a few seconds the first time they do it.

Crossfitters and tri-athletes have been known to collapse in a puddle of their own sweat when trying some of the advanced variants.

And as for what I was doing – – well, let’s just say STRENGTH And conditioning x 100 if not more.

But while we’d all love strength like that, the point of this post is something else altogether.

Not only does the bear crawl build immense strength and endurance throughout the entire body – – it also burns fat at BREAKNECK speeds – – quicker, if I might say so, than lard flying off a proverbial George Foreman grill.

And that’s just the BASIC variant, my friend. My book “Advanced Hill Training” gives you TONS of more advanced variants that will literally enable you to eat more – or drink more – or gorge  on pizza if you so would – and STILL burn fat off the next day.

The book is available right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/

Believe  me now and trust me later, you’ll literally FEEL and SEE the lard DRIPPING off your midsection as you do these exercises, my friend.

And as an added bonus, you’ll also get as strong as the ole grizzly – – or about as close as humanly possible, which is still comfortably MORE than two or three average men.

Can’t beat that combo, eh?

Last, but not least, note that I’m NOT telling you to throw all rules out the window when it comes to diet. I’m NOT advocating gorging on pizza daily or “bottoming up” at the local tavern on a regular basis – but I know there are folks out there that’ll do this regardless of what I say.

Combine the “Advanced Hill Training” fitness routines with a great diet – and the occasional indulgence – and you’ll be on the way to SUPERMAN status, my brothers (and sisters – gotta make sure I include you in there as well!).

Well, that’s it from “Grizzly Adams” for now, hehe. I’m off to shave a four day stubble now before I head on to “greener pastures” – but for now – if you workout today – do it GRIZZLY style – and make it a great, great one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – You might have noticed the special offer – the icing on the cake – that I’ve got going on for the Advanced Hill Training course. Well, given the rate at which I’m fielding calls left right and center – I doubt I’ll be able to offer this FREE – and most valuable ADD ON for much longer. Get in while the going is good – get in NOW, my friend – and do so right HERE – http://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/

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