Squats – an important reminder

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Dear reader,

I mention repeatedly in the 0 Excuses Fitness System (in the videos) that the exercises should be approached in a methodical manner – and that learning good form is paramount before trying to do higher reps – or mega high reps.

Many of you that are currently on the System know how important it is to heed this advice – both sections of it.

For those that haven’t done a lick of exercise in years, and even those that are used to “pounding the pavement” or working the machines at the gym, these exercises can be a “rude” (and welcome in many ways from a health perspective) awakening.

And no other exercise encapsulates that above statement better than Hindu squats, my friend – done the way I teach you in the System.

Hindu squats are a great, great movement – and have been done by Indian wrestlers for centuries – and can be done by YOU as well – to achieve great results both in terms of fat loss and building muscle on the entire body – especially the legs, shoulders and chest.

But they have to  be done right – and the way a lot of people teach this great exercise is flat out wrong.

Not only that – the key is to go slow and steady on these exercises. You do NOT aim for 100 straight reps in proper form – or even 50 the first time you begin.

I mention this in the video, and I’ll say it again – you start out SLOW – not only with the squat – with all the exercises – but especially with the squat.

Many years ago, I thought I was in great shape. I used to hike a steep hill daily and do some pushups etc afterwards – and I “thought” that sort of thing had me in great shape.

And it did – I DID lose a lot of weight and build muscle – and yet – the first time I tried these squats, I made the cardinal sin of thinking “Oh, those are easy”. Easy Peeze.

Yeah. Right.

And then I made cardinal error #2 – which was to bang out like 75 of them in a row once I got the hang of them (so I thought – I was WRONG).

I could barely walk for two days after that – or three, if I remember correctly. I was hobbling up and down stairs – and even walking on level ground was a “chore” – and remember, I was not exactly a couch potato to start with.

And if you’re an advanced man? Think you can just jump into high rep squats from the get-go – or after a hiatus?

Well, let’s see. I have not been doing squats over the past couple of weeks – not because of any other reason other than the fact I’m trying out some new and even more advanced stuff – mostly done outdoors (since the weather is excellent these days in my “neck of the woods”).

Well, I was in the middle of this yesterday when the weather suddenly turned inclement and it started to pour cats and dogs.


I took cover, waited for a while, and waited for the storm to pass – but it didn’t – so guess what I did while waiting.

That’s right – I figured I’d pound out a few squats.

25 – and as I flew past that number it was on to 40 – then 60. 100. A brief breather, and then I turned around and saw an old man (and his dog, apparently as well) trying to follow along with me.

No problemo, hehe – and I continued on – until I reached 250.

Now, I routinely used to pound out  500 of these every workout until a while ago, so – and for an advanced man like me – you’d think 250 would be no problem even after a short break, right?


I woke up this morning, and my thighs feel like they’ve been beaten to a PULP – especially the outer thighs.

I’m certainly not at the point where I’m hobbling around – but I can feel it, for sure.

I should have stopped at 100 – but I didn’t – and I’m feeling it now!

So that right there should answer the question I posed above.

Moral of the story?

For those that are still “on the fence” about the 0 Excuses Fitness System or any of the other exercises routines on this website because “oh, it’s so easy” – well – you’re WRONG – it’s anything BUT – and it delivers RESULTS accordingly as well.

And for those of you that are already “on the stick” (good job, by the way!) – well – take it slow and steady, my friends.

It can be very tempting to jump into higher reps, especially when you see me banging out 250 pushups in a workout – and when you hear me saying that I did another 250 the morning the video was filmed (before the video, that is) – which makes it an even 500 for me for the day.

But tempting though that can be – make it goal if you’re just starting out – and progress towards that goal in a sensible, methodical manner.

Remember – Rome was not built in a day. Skyscrapers don’t just “sprout” from the ground without a solid foundation.

It takes time, dedication and effort to build that foundation – but once you do – WATCH OUT.

You’ll be all the better off for it!

Well, my friend – that’s it for now. The weather appears to have cleared up, and I’m off for one of my advanced workouts!


Rahul Mookerjee

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