3 Hidden Keys to huge arms

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Dear Reader,

Although the triceps make up the majority of the arm – most trainees overlook training the arm as a whole, and end up focusing upon biceps alone.

We all want huge arms – massive arms – arms like SOLID pylons to say the least – with strength to boot – but do we really know how to build huge arms?

Focusing upon the “beach muscles” i.e. biceps is NOT the key – or even part of it to huge arms. It’s focusing upon exercises that work the upper body as a whole – – and most such exercises tax the triceps heavily.

It’s this lump of muscle at the back of your arms that gives you that “huge arms” look that most guys won’t. It’s also that lump of muscle at the back of your arms that needs to be firm, supple and STRONG – lest you’re a fan of the “bingo wings” look (and most I know are NOT).

And even if you’re looking for just size, remember that the triceps make up over 2/3 rd of the arms – and the rest is made up by the biceps.

So the first key should be pretty self evident – train the shoulders and triceps HARD – the way they SHOULD be trained – and you’ll get those huge arms in no time, my friend.

Second, do pushups – and do PLENTY  of variants. My 0 Excuses Fitness System gives you PLENTY of variations of pushups you can do – most of which blow the “regular” pushup straight out of the water in no time flat.

These alone are enough to keep most trainees at all levels busy for the rest of their lives, and these alone are ENOUGH for those huge arms you desire.

But the third key is really what I want to address today – another “hidden exercise” that is not only great for the arms – but the shoulders and traps as well.

This exercise is NOT mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, primarily because it’s an advanced movement – and one which most regular trainees do NOT have the strength for when first starting out.

And also because FORM is paramount in this exercise – even more so than with the other exercises I teach. Do this exercise incorrectly, and you may end up ruining your shoulders for life – or worse.

Other hand, follow proper form, and you’ll get benefits that very few other upper body exercises can replicate in a short period of time.

What is it, you ask?

Well, readers of my Shoulders like Boulders course should know what I’m talking about by now – an oldie but goodie – the good ole DIP.

That’s right. The parallel bar dip done between dipping bars.

Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Just the regular DIP done for reps – and PLENTY of them with the RIGHT breathing techniques.

Most people doing dips do NOT do them correctly. I usually see people “bouncing” up and down to complete the reps, or doing mega-partial reps where they barely dip down, let alone get a stretch through the chest region.

On the other end of the spectrum, I see some folks going way, way lower than they should on the dip – which can really kill the shoulders if you don’t have the tendon strength to support yourself in this position (and even then I don’t recommend it).

I’ve been doing a LOT of dips lately, my friend, and have noticed a lot of changes in my upper body since I really started “hitting” these hard along with the rest of the stuff I do.

My arms and shoulders have grown a lot bigger than they normally are – but the CHEST is really what stands out to both me and most people when I’m working out – the growth these have given me in my upper chest area is nothing short of phenomenal – especially when taking into account the short time frame I’ve been doing ’em.

Anyway, what I want to tell you is that FORM is paramount here. Yes, I’ve repeated myself but it bears repeating – it’s that darn important.

You do NOT “bounce” up and down. You lower and push yourself up and down SLOWLY and under control!

You do NOT hold your breath while doing these. And you do NOT “race” through the movement even when you think you’re getting good at ’em!

I mention the right way to do dips – and a few other exercises as well that will not only give you mammoth arms – but also “King Kong” sized shoulders – in my path breaking course “Shoulders like Boulders“.

Grab your copy right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

Last, but not least, remember that all upper body exercises need to be incorporated into a sensible overall body exercise routine – as well as combined with the right diet. That’s something I’ve said so often you may as well find it inscribed on my tombstone some day – but again – it’s so often ignored that it bears repeating!

Ok – thats all for now. I’ll share more training related tips “by and by”!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Rave reviews are coming in for Shoulders like Boulders – and I’ll update the testimonials page shortly to reflect these. For now though, if you haven’t already – grab your copy right HERE and get started on building them massive arms TODAY – http://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

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