Advanced triceps blasting

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Dear reader,

Summer is FAST approaching in “here neck of the woods”, and I’ve been wearing T-shirts cut off at the shoulders – or, as I usually do, working out in a pair of shorts and not much else.

No sweatbands, nothing fancy – the T-shirt does the “sopping up”. Hehe.

Now, the point of me saying this is not to give you graphic descriptions of “sweat beading down my torso and forming puddles on the ground” (which happens, granted) – but to say that I’ve noticed a noticeable increase in the size of my arms and shoulders in general over the past few weeks.

Which, if I think about it NOW was to be expected, my friend.

I’ve been working my triceps even more than I normally do over the past few weeks – so much so that my workouts could probably be condensed into an “advanced triceps blaster” manual (hey – thats an idea right here – and one I might well implement if there is enough interest).

But note also that I’m a huge fan of working the triceps anyway.

Those that have been seen me banging out 250 pushups in less than 27 minutes (as I show you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System workout video) and 500 pushups for the day overall know this well already.

And truth be told, the exercise in the 0 Excuses Fitness System will do an EXCELLENT job of blasting the entire upper body (triceps and arms included) if you take up the exercises and routines mentioned therein seriously.

It wouldn’t be a stretch at all to say you can develop a gigantic upper body (not just arms) and ROCK SOLID abdominals just by following the exercises laid out therein.

(The 0 Excuses Fitness System is right here, by the way – –

But what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks takes it to a whole another level altogether, my friend. A whole ANOTHER level.

One of the keys to what I’ve been doing is what I mentioned in yesterday’s email – roadwork.

Yes – strange as it might sound, this actually helps to increase overall upper body mass when done correctly at the end of a workout.

Something else, of course is one of my favorite exercises – the handstand pushup – done in RIGHT form, and done the RIGHT way (and the right WAY is NOT how most people teach it).

Kicking up against a wall is great, but it’s NOT the ultimate in handstand pushups by far.

And the third key is an exercise I mention in Shoulders like Boulders – – an exercise that is ignored even more than pushups are by the average trainee – – and yet, is one of the few exercises that’ll have your triceps POPPING in no time.

Why all the fuss about triceps, you might ask?

Well, the triceps make up the bulk of your arm, my friend. They may not be the “show” muscles or beach muscles, but if you want huge arms – simply working the “bi’s” will NOT cut it.

If you want real strength in your arms – pushing AND pulling BOTH – well – work the triceps and shoulders like there is no tomorrow, and you’ll get it.

And so on and so forth ….

Anyway, my darn triceps are so sore I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and switch positions just to relieve the “dull ache” in my triceps.

But it’s a good type of soreness – – the kind that causes growth – – both in SIZE and in REAL strength, my friend.

So that’s the topic of today’s post – “advanced tricep blasters”. Maybe I’ll put out a course exclusively on this topic if there is enough interest – – shoot me an e-mail if you believe this is something that might interest you, and we’ll see!

Ok – I’m out for now.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – After 0 Excuses Fitness, the next best thing you can do in the “three level” progression to SUPER triceps and upper body is to start working on the exercises in Shoulders like Boulders right HERE – –


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