When going DOWNSTAIRS can become a chore

Dear reader,

Today’s email may come as a bit of a “rude shock” to some, but believe you me, EVERY bit of what I say is true.

I spoke with a good buddy of mine a few days ago, and apparently the elevators in his building were not functioning – or flat out out of order as it were.

This dude lives on the 17th floor or so on his apartment complex, and upon first thought, that can be somewhat of a pain if the elevators are not working (although it would NOT be a pain for fitness “freaks” like me, but then again, as another good friend of mine recently told me “don’t expect people to think like you”, hehe).

True indeed on both counts.

The world WOULD be a better place if more and more people tuned into the 0 Excuses Fitness “fanaticsm” as opposed to fixated on taking selfies, shoving more fat-inducing food and beverages down their gullets (and posting about it), wasting time and energy on pointing out problems instead of trying to find solutions, yada nada schnada. You get the drift, eh?

And of course, “trudging” up 17 floors can get kind of tiresome when done multiple times a day.

In fact, the vast majority of folks in this world are so out of shape that climbing up any more than 2 or 3 flights of stairs is something that causes their hearts to pound like a runaway sledgehammer – let alone with groceries etc.

But my friend wasn’t talking about going UPSTAIRS.

No, he was talking about going DOWNSTAIRS!

At first, I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me his legs had literally turned to jelly – from going DOWN 17 flights of stairs. I mean, I’ve been out of shape at some point in my life as well, but going downstairs has always been a “breeze” for me (and so it should for everyone!) and for the life of me I couldn’t imagine how this could be possible.

Not only this, my buddy participates in the sports of boxing – and has played ice hockey in the past, which made it a tad bit more unbelievable – but upon thinking about it, something ELSE struck a bell.

Many years ago, I heard comments along similar lines from a boss of mine (at the time).

The company I worked for at that point in time was on the 11th floor of a hotel (or perhaps 14th – I cannot quite recall) – – but the elevators were jampacked around 6:00 P.M. or so, and my boss made the decision to go down the flight of stairs instead of take the elevator down.

And the next day he told me ruefully that his legs were sore and that, sad as it sounds, “even going downstairs” was exercise for him, all this said while I stared goggle eyed at him, unable to believe a word.

And just writing all this brings back so many memories. Said boss suffering from sore shoulders for days after playing – get this – a light game of badminton for half an hour or so for ONE evening.

(This guy was ex Air Force, by the way!)

Or, another guy I recently trained in doing dips – a big, huge, strong guy – with shoulders as big as barndoors, or almost, and yet this same guy could barely HOLD himself up on the dipping bar – and when he finally did for the first time, it wasn’t pretty.

He was literally shaking like a maple leaf in a tornado – boy, it wasn’t pretty, but at least it was a start.

Now, my point in telling you all this?

Well, two, actually.

One, that no matter how out of shape you think you are at this point, you are NOT alone. And no, it isn’t just couch potatoes or those that haven’t done a lick of exercise that fall into this category – many an average “gym bro” does as well.

And second, and more importantly – the key thing to remember is – that you have to start SOMEPLACE.

If you’re currently at the point where doing 100 pushups sounds like and is an impossibility, then start with doing 10 in proper form.

Heck, even doing 10 pushups in proper form is, amazingly enough, a chore for many people – and even more amazingly enough, or not so, these SAME people have gotten STELLAR results once they’ve gotten on to my patented 0 Excuses Fitness System, and implemented the exercises/routines therein.

Key thing being, and I keep mentioning this as well – – is to start someplace.

If going downstairs is a chore, strengthen your legs, my friend. Jump rope, or even better, start cranking out the Hindu Squats as mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – a great, great exercise that, by the way.

If you’ve got excess flabbage you need to drop – and quick – start with a quick jaunt up hill – or even up ONE or two flights of stairs daily.

Might not sound like much, but this “one little thing” adds up over time, and you start doing more – and more – and MORE.

Last, but not least, drop any resistance to silly ideas of “bodyweight exercises not working” or “bodyweight exercises won’t help” (you’d be amazed, but I heard comments along similar lines from the individuals I’ve mentioned above).

Open your mind up new possibilities – and those new possibilities WILL occur – but only if you take action, my friend.

One step at a time – to a whole new YOU – and quicker than you ever thought possible.

Oh YES – it IS possible, amigo!


Rahul Mookerjee

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