What if you can’t do sprints?

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Dear reader,

My post on sprints yesterday seems to have elicited more than a few responses via our social media accounts. Seems plenty of people are interested in sprints – or, in some cases, what to do if one CANNOT do sprints.

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Anyway, here’s an interesting email that Charles (presumably from the US of A) sent in –

SPRINTS!  What a nice idea, wish I could do them.  Osteoarthritis of the left knee put an end to that.  Seems the orthopedic industry has no answer for this condition no matter how many people suffer with it.  Funny how the smart phone industry can advance in leaps and bounds to keep us all hypnotized and staring at our phones endlessly, but the medical industry still cannot cure a condition that has plagued mankind since time began.

My response to him –

Yes, the smartphone industry has made bozos out of us all, haha. I for one would much rather we go back to the good ole “flip phone” days. Things were far more “real” back then if you get my drift …

With regard to the sprints, you’re probably not in a position to do them now as you say. If I were you, I’d start out with gentle rope jumping and Hindu squats, as well as walking (which as I said in the book is a highly beneficial, but equally overlooked exercise). The Hindu squats have an incredibly rehabilitating effect in most cases – just do them in proper form as I show you in the videos, and I think you’ll be nigh amazed at the progress you make within a few weeks provided you keep at it.

Best, and thanks for writing in!

And that, my dear reader, is exactly where you should start if you’re NOT currently in a position to do sprints, or even hard running of any nature.

And why, you might ask? How do these squats have such a rehabilitating effect in most cases?

Because they build the tendons and ligaments, and all the surrounding “supporting” musculature around the actual muscles of your knee joint, my friend.

I’ve always maintained that it’s NO use having huge muscles if you don’t have the support structure going full bore behind it – those sort of imbalances are what lead to major problems down the road.

Not only that – these squats give you incredible cardio. Let me tell you, 30-40 of these is about all the average gym goer (with good knees, at that – or at least knees that haven’t as yet shown the symptoms of doing heavy barbell squats for years) can do in proper form – and they’d be lucky if they got that many at the first go.

Key thing though is to start slow – and do so with proper form as I show you in the videos. I explain it in the book as well, but form, my friend, is crucial on many of these exercises, and none more so the squats where it’s easy to overbalance, point your feet outward more than they should be, et al.

Now, last, but not least, the contents of this email are not intended to be taken as medical advice. Always seek your medical practitioner’s advice before starting this, or any other medical program . . . but I will say THIS – I know plenty of people with bad / wonky /worse knees that have DONE these squats, and it has CURED them of knee pain within a month or so of starting them and keeping at it.

Other than the squats, the other things to do are to incorporate plenty of walks into your routine – preferably hill walks if possible.

Rope jumping is yet another thing you can do if you can’t run sprints or run at all.

So- – long answer short – – don’t despair. There are ALWAYS plenty of things you can do if you can’t do sprints (or any other exercise).

As my buddy, an ex-Marine, is fond of saying “Improvise, adapt, and overcome”. That axiom holds true for exercise and “what if I can’t” questions as much as it does to actual situations in the Marines.


Start slow with the squats – build from there – and write back once you get to doing these in sets (from zero) – I’ll share your stories with the world!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Although I’m a much avowed “anti-smartphone” fanatic (and have said as much in previous posts as well), I have to admit that smartphones are (unfortunately) the “gadget of choice” for most people – – and have made sure that the 0 Excuses Fitness System videos are ALL smartphone friendly. Heck, you can even “follow” along with me in the workout video – just put your smartphone in front of you when working out and “puff” along with me for more motivation! Here is where you can grab the System – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S #2 – If I missed any social media accounts up there, let me know. I’m not much of a social media fan either as you can tell!

P.P.S. – Feel free to share this post if you  like – – and write in with questions/feedback etc if you have any – – all much appreciated!

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