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Dear reader,

Well, since I’ve been writing about sprints and sprinting in general over the past coupla days, I figured I’d do a change in tack and write about the reverse – or the opposite, actually – which is to train SLOWLY.

Yes, that’s right – the “Fast and Furious Fitness” guy (and now the 0 Excuses Fitness guy) who ALWAYS emphasizes speed – lightning fast greasy SPEED while going through a workout is now also advocating training slow at times.

What gives, you ask? Whats up with the sudden change in tack?

Well, not much really – except I changed things up a bit (something I highly advocate in the 0 Excuses System for everyone, by the way with regard to their workouts) a little during the roadwork part of my workout, and did things a bit slower.

I ran in reverse, except I ran a bit slower. I ran a couple of miles the normal way, except I didn’t quite pump the arms as much as I do normally.

And not just that – while doing my pushups today I did ’em even more “methodically” than I do normally if that makes sense. Really focused on the muscles I was hitting – and REALLY focused on form if that makes sense (and it should!).

And so forth.

You’d think that the slower tempo would mean my workout took longer, right? Or that I wouldn’t get one heck of a cardio workout as I normally do?

Well – I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that if you DID think that – but here are the facts – I got done QUICKER than I normally do – and my shirt was sopping with sweat after the first 25 reps – so much so that it felt like a millstone around my neck when I did my roadwork later.

What gives again, you might ask?

Well, here’s the thing – “slow” for me does  NOT mean “long slow distance”, my friend. It merely means changing up the tempo of the workout a bit and focusing that much longer on every rep.

Making each set – and each rep count – as it damn well should – MORE than I make it count daily.

And this sort of training is a great thing to do for a change. I don’t advocate training this way daily, but you’d be well advised to work it into your routine one day of the week, or perhaps even two – depending upon how you feel.

Key thing being – as I said yesterday – there are PLENTY of ways to skin that particular cat, my friend – and they will all get you to the ultimate goal – except perhaps you’ll take a slightly different path to the top some days.

Much like my beloved hill – plenty of routes up to the top – but they ALL get you there.

Anyway – that’s that for today! I’m a BUZZZZZZZZZING with energy now – – and I’m off to grab some chow!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – There are plenty of ways to do pushups – so many that you could work them your entire life and never really become a master at them. Click on over here to find out HOW – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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