Banish that ponderous belly

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Dear reader,

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a gentleman in the park – a guy who I’ve known for years, and a guy that runs one of the most popular pubs in town.

A “good old lad” as it were, and I spotted him out of – on all things – a run.

Along with a few other foreign devils in tow.

Now, why is this a big deal, you might think?

Well, for starters, because the dude has a huge, huge belly – and NOT the “hard fat” kind that doesn’t jiggle when you touch it, “mate”. He’s got one of those HUGE “floppy” bellies – a ponderous, bloated behemoth that looks like it could and probably does house several whales.

And to see him running was interesting to say the least, and while the rest of the posse were nowhere near that “gigantic” shape – none of them looked too fit (though some were real skinny) – at least not the ones I saw.

They were out on what they fondly term as their “hash run” – which apparently from what I understand is a camaraderie building exercise amongst pub regulars.

As in, run a few paces, stop, chug down a cold one, run a few more paces, chug down perhaps two more – and so on and so forth – until you reach the finish line – or IF you ever reach it, hehe.

Great, great camaraderie builder – not to mention great fun as well. I’ve been invited to join them as well, and who knows – I might well do so down the line.

NOT so great – or even near ideal for burning fat though – or exercising, for that matter.  If anything, “hash runs” done this way will probably pile on way more pounds than remaining sedentary would due to the nature of the cold beverages being chugged, hehe.

Now, you might imagine I’m going to talk about diet now – and while diet is one of the keys to weight loss – it’s NOT the most important by far.

No sirreeeeee. There are other keys that trump diet, and what they “be”?

Well, visualization, for starters. Something that I’ve been hammering home for the last few posts, and something you’d do well to take to heart.

If you’re about 40 kgs overweight – well, visualize yourself in the perfect shape (or condition) you WANT to be both BEFORE – and DURING your workouts. Do so daily – make this a workout unto itself, albeit a mental one.

Believe me, this one trick combined with what I’m going to tell you next has the power to move mountains – such as in my case, where I literally went down from a humungous 120 kgs (back when I was way, way out of shape) to a svelte (and somewhat underweight but NOT weak) 60 kgs.

And what’s next?

Well, DEEP breathing, my friend. DEEP BREATHING!

Deep breathing is what is responsible for over 90% of real fat burning you do! As Martin “Famer” Burns once famously said, “deep breathing has made many a weak man strong, and many a sick man well”.

There is immense wisdom in this saying. In fact, some of the old timers held deep breathing in such high regard that some said it was the very point of the entire workout.

I’m not gonna go quite that far, but I will say this – if you’re not breathing deeply with EACH and every rep – if I can’t hear you breathing RHYTHMICALLY while working out – and if you yourself neglect to do this – then you’re cheating yourself out of the majority of the benefits you’d otherwise get from your workout.

Deep breathing, to put it one way, is the “support structure” that holds the bridge between your MIND and your BODY (that bridge being neural connections) in place.

And deep breathing is more than just physical. It does more than purify the blood, give you renewed vigor, MORE stamina et al.

It does more than help you RECOVER from hard workouts. Yada, nada…

It connects you to the COSMOS – to your very core – to the cosmic energy of the entire Universe, my friend. And for those that don’t believe me – well, I have this to say – DO it – and THEN get back to me with results etc.

There is a way to breathe correctly – and there is way to do so INCORRECTLY (which is how most people and the majority of so called experts do it). Don’t fall into the latter category, my friend, else you’ll stand to miss out on much of the lard blasting, blubber roasting, furnace igniting, FAT BURNING, and muscle building effects of the workout.

I’ll have more on all this later, but for now – once you’ve kept the above in mind, get busy banging out some pushups and squats as I’ve shown you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System (and be sure and read the chapter on deep breathing as well).

Get busy working out to a 100 – then a 150 – and maybe even 250 pushups in ONE workout.

Last, but not least, remember that form is paramount. If you do the exercise in improper form – again – you might as well not do ’em. And if you don’t know how to do ’em correctly – well – not to worry – the System has got you covered right here: –

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. The daughter be -a -calling me on the “dumb” phone, and I better answer or else, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Again, if you don’t know the way to breathe correctly – not to worry – the System has you covered right here – –

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