Drop the excuses, my friend

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Dear Reader,

Heads up, all. What I’m about to say and the way I’m going to say ain’t gonna sound nice at all, but it has to be said.

This email might come across as somewhat offensive to certain people – it is even more direct and unadulterated “pure” Rahul Mookerjee than what you get normally, so if that’s your cup of tea, mug of beer, or tub of Java, well – strap in – buckle in – and lets get straight to it.

Modern day man (or woman), my friend has turned into a sorry, pathetic, sniveling excuse of what Mother Nature intended him/her to be – and none more so than when it comes to the fitness and staying in shape.

By this I’m not just referring to the slothfulness and couch potato tendencies of the vast majority of folks out there – but more the practice of making – and perfecting the process of doing so – EXCUSES galore.

In the 0 Excuses System book I’ve written that the main problem plaguing modern day man in terms of fitness is not so much lack of knowledge and equipment – but the tendency to make EXCUSES.

Not only that – modern day man seems to “mournfully” delight in finding 1000 ways of questioning “why” something won’t work as opposed to considering the fact that hey – it just might work.

Case in point being a conversation I had with a friend of mine a few moons ago.

This guy never gets back to me when I message or text him – and when he does it’s usually with an emoticon or some such “shortcut” that completely either ignores or bypasses what I asked / said in the first place.

Now, don’t get me wrong. He’s a great guy, and a good friend of mine – but what has to be said has to be said and I’m saying it.

He’s apparently “too busy” to get back. Yeah. Ok. Right ….

Anyhow, we got to talking about fitness when we last met.

“Oh, I wish I could do that now but I’m too busy to train!”

“No you’re not buddy. Get real. We ALL have time to train”.

*glower* “I really don’t Rahul. Believe me”

“Well, how much time can you spare in a day?”

“No more than half an hour, my friend. No more than that”.

“Well, what if I told you you could get supremely fit in 15 minutes or less with the routines I just described to you in my book” (he’s got a copy of my book).



“I haven’t found the time to read it as yet, and (looking at me in a self conscious manner) …”

“But it’s been months since I gave you the book …”

Anyway, that was the general gist of the conversation. This gentleman then went on to explain to me (or tell me) that he couldn’t do squats (apparently a bad knee) – couldn’t do bridges or reverse movements (lower back issues) – and didn’t have time to train.

I told him that those exercises were the very thing he needed, but he shook his head mournfully, and indicated that they wouldn’t work – apparently because “they said it wouldn’t work”.

Whose they, I asked.

“Well, uh … people say”.

And so forth, and after some time we switched the topic of conversation – and thankfully so as I was gettting as agitated as  a cat on hot bricks after listening to this litany of excuses.

This same person who “has no time” amazingly enough finds time to watch videos on his smartphone – chat away nineteen to the dozen – and update his facebook stream with all the latest going ons in his “busy life” (which usually extend to no more than selfies of himself and his dog, and what he ate for lunch/dinner).

He also finds time to keep himself updated on the shennanigans going on in the White House, the latest sitcom, Bart Simpson, why the neighbor’s dog ran off with the cat, and so forth.

And yet, he can’t find the 15 minutes or less required to exercise?

Case in point my friend – that being of the modern day man having turned into the exact opposite of what Nature intended him to be.

And just so I keep it gender neutral, women are just as guilty of the above as men are. I’ve spoken to women that say the exact same thing and yet have enough time to yak away nineteen to the dozen on their phones while getting coffiuered (sp?), manicured, pedicured, and lathered in all sorts of nasty “skin care” thingies.

True, there ARE cases where people can’t do squats.

Ok, fine. How about rope jumping? Walking a mile a day? Swimming? Pushups? Bear crawls?

OK, so perhaps you’ve really got a lower back issue that makes it impossible to do bridges – although I WILL say this – bridges CURE lower back pain and problems as opposed to the modern day “wisdom” (blah) of “adding to it”.

What utter bunk. I’ve trained people with lower back pain, and have literally seen their back pain VANISH within a week or so of bridging, pull-ups and certain other exercises I had ’em do.

As for time – sure, we’re all busy – but if you’ve got time aplenty to update your Face book moments, or to inform the world in general about what you ate for lunch – or to post a picture of your cat – well, then you’ve got time to train, my friend. ‘Tis as simple as that.

My sprint workout that I wrote about yesterday probably took less than 15 minutes in all, and that was including rest periods, hard as that may sound to believe.

Closer to home, you can do a 100 Hindu squats in 4 minutes or less – a tremendous workout as and of in itself. Or, as I’ve done before – 8 minute 250 squat workouts followed by 5 minutes of pushups.

So drop the excuses TODAY, my friend. There’s never a better time to invest in yourself than NOW – and you can do so right here – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Crack open the System – devour the book – grab an eyeful of the videos – and then get STARTED TODAY my friend – with smartphone at your side if you so choose.

I look forward to hearing of your progress – and ZERO excuses being made as you do so.



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the “silent minority” that have borne with me thus far and are nodding your head in agreement – I stand up and SALUTE you for being part of the few that keep it real even in this gentrified molly coddled sugar coated world we live in.

P.S. #2  – Last, but not least, remember that form is paramount on all of this. You do need to know how to perform these exercises correctly before you go out and do ’em – or you run the risk of injury or not getting what you could from your workouts. So be sure and take a gander at the videos before you dive right into the workout – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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