Expert “Schmexpert”

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Dear reader,

Something I forgot to mention in yesterday’s email – or I believe I did mention it was the “they said so” part followed by a sheepish downward glance.

Well, while I’m NOT going to get into what I already covered yesterday, what I DO want to cover today is something that will likely be of interest to most, if not all, readers, so listen up.

This guy was referring to “the experts” when he said “they”.

The experts. Those that spend hours on online forums debating the why’s and wherefore’s of something but never actually doing it.

The experts. Those that mindlessly regurgitate “facts” (or twisted facts) from medical dictionaries or encyclopedias without bothering to even listen to what the other person is saying.

And so forth.

First thing you know, my friend, it’s rare that anyone ever achieves “expert” status in anything anyone does. There are ALWAYS areas to improve upon – and the minute you sit back on your duff to “rest on your laurels” is the minute you start going downhill.

I state very categorically in the 0 Excuses Fitness System that few people will ever master the pushup – or even one of it’s variants in their lifetime – let alone the plethora of different styles covered, and it’s no exaggeration.

I’ve no doubts that Jack La Lanne, he who mastered the “extended arms” pushup I teach in the System would say the exact same thing, despite having performed feats of strength that the average man cannot even begin to conceive – let alone imagine – or DO.

Ditto for the Gama. The Mighty Atom, and so forth.

And there’s more,my friend. There is MORE.  And more here is this – listening to the so called experts – or “schmexperts” as I like to call ’em is NOT always the most prudent or practical of actions to take.

Let’s take, for example, the medical “experts” that rail against bridges as being harmful (as well as reverse pushups). Apparently these activities “compress” the spine and are not “natural” movements.

Huh?? Ever walk into a chiropractor’s office? If so, take a look at the skeleton and the natural curvature of the spine – and then compare the dynamics of the movement to what occurs in the exercises I just described – and then tell me.

Bridging if anything is one of the most natural – and beneficial things you can do for your spine,  my friend. Sure, your chiro may make less money due to less trips made to his office – but I’d hardly be spilling any tears over that if I had chronic back pain I wanted to get rid of (and a lot of folks do).

Ditto for Hindu squats, which the “experts” say are bad for the knees. Absolute tosh – and believe it or not, there has NEVER – EVER – been any sort of study concluded that says this sort of repetitive squatting is bad for the knees. So much for “modern” science.

Or those that claim that handstand pushups are bad for the shoulders and extoll the virtues (not) of one of the worst exercises out there for the shoulders – the “mighty” (NOT) bench press. Uggggggh.

But why just stop at exercise. Let’s look at diet.

Would you, for instance, believe me if I told you the vast majority of my diet is currently made up for RICE – which is seemingly one of the main thing the “experts” rail against in terms of not being able to lose weight?

Or, that I have a few beers every now and then without gaining a lick of extra poundage?

Or, and perhaps most amazingly, my first meal of the day is sometimes late in the evening – and the second late at night?

Key thing to remember here, my friend – is this – not ALL advice given out is wrong or silly, but a lot of it out there IS. In fact, a lot of folks who rail against the effectiveness of bodyweight exercises are likely those who’ve never really gotten down to brass tacks and actually DONE what they are discussing about – let alone experience it.

Moral of the story – do what works for YOU within reasonable limits. More importantly, keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. You’ll be surprised at the progress you make – in ALL areas of your life, my friend.

Last, but not least, you do NOT need to get to expert status at any of the exercises I do and promote. No. You can glean all the benefits and then some by joining the ranks of the “experienced” – and the first step to doing that lies right HERE, my friend – –

Keep an open mind – DO – and do so with HEART – and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I had an “expert” in the park recently tell me that pull-ups done with full extension are “bad for the shoulders” and apparently “kipping” (one of the worst things you can do for yourself by the way) is the way to go to achieve higher reps. I wanted to take him by the “scruff” of his neck and pull him around a few times around the chinning bars to see if that would spin any sense into him but whats the point eh? No point leading those who prefer remaining intentionally blind …

P.S. #2 – Yes, I cover pull-ups as well in my courses right HERE – –

  1. Pull-ups – from DUD – to STUD within a few weeks 
  2. Pull-ups – from STUD – to SUPER STUD within weeks

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