Great things COME – to those that WAIT

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Dear reader,

As I was pounding out pull-ups the other day in the park a thought suddenly flashed through  my mind during rep #10 of my fifth set of pull-ups.

I didn’t think much of it at the time – but today – after I wrote that last email to you, I figured I WOULD after all get in some roadwork, and being that part of that was a brisk jaunt up a hill – the same thought flashed through  my mind when I heard some huffing, puffing, panting, wheezing going on behind me.

‘Twas a Chinese gentleman – NOT fat – not outwardly out of shape – wheezing up the hill like an old geezer on his last legs – and panting much like a parched dog would in the hot humid summer.

Whew! And BAM – that thought struck me again and I’ll share it with you now.

Many moons ago, it would have been an absolutely preposterous notion if I were to have told myself “Hey Rahul, a 100 pull-ups in one workout is not only EASY – but no problem whatsoever”.

I’d laughed at myself and said I was nuts. If I had told myself the ball buster which is the climb up the hill I referred to would one day be so easy I would barely feel it, I’d look at you and ask you what you were on.

The same thing for a lot of the pushups I teach, including “Hindu” (wrestler) pushups, reverse pushups, and of course handstand pushups. Banging out handstand pushups for reps in a set wasn’t even something that seemed possible to me back in the day – let alone doable.

And yet, here I am today, doing all the above with NO PROBLEM whatsoever, my friend. None at all and getting better each and every time I do ’em!

The same thing applies to life as well. In my book “The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales“, I give you a REAL life example of how I quite literally joined a startup company (at the time) and sales started to BOOM – and then ROAR – within the space of a few days – and this with no staff at all except two others.

Curiously enough, this same guy – yours truly – didn’t do so well at the last Company where his job was the same. And he did even worse in the NEXT company – so much so that the owner of that company cocked his head quizzically at “him” and asked “him” “Whatever happened to the guy that took <insert name> company from Zero to HERO?”

Good question – and that is covered in Zero to Hero in depth, but for now, suffice it to say that the key to making things happen the way you want (well, one of them, but a most important one) is to “let go out of the outcome”.

Give it your best shot – do so daily – but don’t “worry” or “fret” or otherwise get frustrated over the outcome. It’ll happen. The Universe will make sure it does, provided you’re giving it your all with an open heart and HONEST intentions.

What does this “got to do with fitness”, you may ask.

Good question.

When you’re first starting out on your fitness journey, or even if you’re at the stage where you haven’t worked out in years – doing a 100 pushups in one workout – or even 50 – might sound like a daunting task – let alone breeze through 250 like I show you in the workout video.

Does that mean 250 isn’t a great goal to have?


But what the vast majority of people do is this – they make that goal – then the next morning sign and utter thoughts along the lines of “I’ll never be able to get there”. Or, “It’s too difficult for me. I can’t even do one!”.

And they sink back into the couch – or their old routines – back to square zero. Mission accomplished? NOT.

Some folks DO try – but get frustrated. For instance, I once had a friend of mine get frustrated that his dips weren’t shooting through the roof quick enough.

Despite loads of advice, this guy got frustrated – and despite having made a start (the most important thing) – he ended up giving up and is – like the above group of folks – back at square ZERO rather than HERO.

The key thing to remember here, folks is this – you give it your best shot – and you do so daily without fail – but you LET GO of the “outcome”.

A 100 pushups in one set? A 1000 squats in  a workout? Great goals – and they’ll come in due time – if you LET ’em.

And lest you think yours truly does not fall prey to “trying to force outcomes” once in a while, think again. I’m human like the rest of y’all and need a kick up the ole rumpus once in a while as well.

This was amply evidenced by a biz deal I was engaged in a short while ago – where I WAS literally trying to “push” the eventual result closer and guess what. It never happened.

Sure, part of that was down to the other guy not being entirely professional enough, but still – upon a through analysis of the situation I came to the conclusion that I too, was guilty of trying to perhaps “quicken the process” just that bit more.

So that’s today’s tip, my friend. In short – “Don’t worreeeeeeee …. Be happeeeeeeeee” (as the old saying – or is it a song?? hehe – goes).

Give it your all – and then don’t worry. Relax. Stay in the flow and let things happen.

Implement this philosophy into your life today. Watch wondrous things start to happen.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – “Relaxing” and “letting go” does NOT equate to procrastination, my friend. There are few greater sins than procrastination. As they say – do NOT put off until tomorrow what you CAN and SHOULD be doing today. And if you haven’t already gotten off your duff and made the sprint to starting the fitness journey of your LIFE – do so right now – and right HERE – –

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