Challenge that status quo – if it even exists

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Dear reader,

It’s amazing how many people take life – and things/occurrences in life – for GRANTED, not doing much to change it even when these occurrences are somewhat, or quite unpalatable.

I met up with my friend a couple of weeks ago for a few “brewskies”, something I don’t generally do, but something that was way overdue in that case.

Being he hadn’t eaten all day and had a rough day to boot, we ordered a pizza, and I suggested a newly opened pizza joint nearby that I had gone to earlier on in the month with another close friend.

I messaged the guy, and asked him if he could deliver the pizza.

“OK, no problem!” was the response, and I then thanked him and asked him to hold on for a while until I figured out when my friend would get here – so I didn’t end up ordering a “stone cold” pizza if you get my drift, hehe.

He nodded (remember, we’re messaging back and forth) and then asked me to send my address over to his wife who apparently handles deliveries. I said I would, and then asked him about a few additional toppings as well as garlic butter sauce “to go” with it.

Nothing doing on the garlic sauce. Apparently it “solidifies” on the way, which in itself was somewhat strange given it’s a pizza delivery service, but whatever. No problemo, amigo!

I asked him about a few additional toppings, and asked him to wait for my final confirmation before he did anything.

A few minutes later, I receive a text from his wife asking for my address.

“Hang on”, I said. “Let me figure out when my friend gets here”.

And then on an impulse, I texted my address over. I had made my request pretty clear – – or so I thought …

My friend shows up around 15 minutes later, and after a bit of discussion, we figured out the toppings we want on the pizza, which I then texted over to the lady and her husband.

No problem, you’d think, right?


She texts me back saying “Sorry, the pizza is already on it’s way”.

“Huh?? But we asked you to wait a while …”

No real acknowledgement ensued. Ah well.

“Well, I’m assuming it’ll be here with the toppings we asked for, at any rate”, I said cheerfully enough.

Wrong. These guys ended up giving us a topping of THEIR choice – despite being explicitly told what WE wanted – and more so, expected us to “smile and accept what was being given”.

This did NOT go down well with me at all, as you might imagine, but when I told my friend about this, he shrugged it off.

“Thats how it is, Rahul. There’s nothing we can do! He makes the best pizza here!”

“Oh YES, there is buddy”, I retorted. “We take our biz elsewhere! Granted, the guy’s pizza is good – but … ”

“Nah, it won’t change anything. That’s just how it is”.

Anyway, I forgot about this – until later at night when I texted the guy to say thanks anyway. Forget and forgive, I thought.

He texted back with … what? Well, amazingly enough – or not – no apologies for messing up the order – but a “sales pitch” to sell sunglasses (which apparently is also something the guy’s involved in).

I then asked him an unrelated question, expecting an answer (after all, I’d been there twice already) – and guess what. No response at all.

The whole episode left a bad taste in my mouth, but why do I bring it up here?

Well, amazingly enough although there are other options for said food in this “here neck of the woods”, my buddy is happy enough doing biz with this guy – and even more amazingly enough, after being ripped off on the price the next time he ordered from him!

I spoke about this with another friend. “It is what is it”, is the response I got.

And that (finally) brings me to the central tent of today’s email – or diatribe – or scroll, hehe.

It’s NOT. That’s NOT how it is!

It’s amazing how in this day and age a start up company (that is struggling by the way – no wonder why huh??) can not only flat out IGNORE customer requests – but “hustle” them into accepting orders NOT to their liking or taste, and be brazen about it as well!

Other hand, given the number of people that seem content to accept the status quo, it’s a wonder these companies struggle at all. Hmmmm….

Anyway, in terms of fitness, one of the most commonly heard excuses we hear is “I have no time to get fit” , despite the fact that there is ALWAYS time to get fit.

I had a busy, busy day last Thursday. Woke up – took care of biz – got a workout in – then got some roadwork – then it was off to the Kong (plenty of walking, and climbing subway stairs) – and a long, long walk back home – and yet – none of that meant I didn’t “find time” to hit it hard the next day.

Yet another excuses we hear often is this “I’ll never be able to do this”, or “Oh! Those are too simple! Too boring! They won’t work!”.

And in ALL the above cases, said person then slumps back into his/her routine – or the ole couch, as it were, and the status quo of being – and remaining – perennially unfit continues.

‘Tis a shame, especially when you can RISE – above that, my friend. There is ALWAYS a way to CHALLENGE what might seem like a “status quo” to you, and in most cases it’s NOT.

“I can’t get fit without gyms. Expensive equipment. But I don’t have time to to go the gym”. Burp.

And so forth.

If you can identify with the last part of this – well – you’re NOT alone, my friend. The vast majority of the populace today seems happy enough making excuses and then of course accepting the status quo that ensues.

If you’re content to be one of those people, then of course – no problemo, amigo. Hehe.

But if you’re one that wants to RISE up – GRAB life – and your fitness goals – by the THROAT – and CHANGE the status quo, well, I’m right here for you, my friend. And I’ve got just the fitness program that’ll do it – in the most unconventional way you’d imagine possible, but BOY – does it work?!!

Of course it does. And it’ll work for YOU too. Grab a copy right here – –

Last, but not least, remember too that accepting the status quo is often times the “easy” thing to do. Never easy when most or all your friends look at you like you’re fit for the looney tune bin upon challenging said status quo.

But is it the more fulfilling thing to do? Is it what really helps you GROW?

Not a chance, my friend. Not a chance!

Well, my brothers and sisters, I’m out for now. Got a few tasks to take care of … but I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I’ve always been a rabble rouser el supermo as you can tell – NEVER willing to accept the status quo – and neither should YOU. Throw all the ideas about gyms and equipment required to get fit, my friend. It’s all a bunch of hocus pocus with the sole target of making your wallet slimmer rather than YOU. Instead, get your paws on the best fitness program there is on the planet – a ONE time investment that will reap dividends forever – with NO equipment required – –

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