The “king” of the jungle

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Dear reader,

Was having a discussion this morning with one of my good buddies here about the classic “lion vs tiger” match up i.e. who would win a fight between these two magnificent beasts.

My buddy, as many people like to believe,  is firmly of the opinion that the lion is indeed the “king of the jungle”, and reigns supreme over all other big cats (although he doesn’t say that the other big cats are by any means less admirable).

I beg to differ, and as usual have a different opinion from what the vast majority of folks have, hehe.

To me, and based upon the research I’ve done – and based upon what I’ve SEEN – the TRUE king of the jungle should be the tiger – namely, the Bengal tiger. All other things being equal there is no other big cat that matches the tiger in terms of ferocity, flexibility, speed  – not to mention even more of an inbuilt instinct of “going for the jugular” more so than other big cats have.

There have been documented fights (unfortunately) between tigers and lions, and the tigers came out tops the vast majority of the time.

The “mane” is what gives the lion that imposing look – but in reality, it slows the lion down and … ah, but I don’t want this to be a documentary on “cat vs cat”, so I’ll end it here – but the point of me saying all this?

Well, first off, to say that big cats are some of the amazing creatures we have on this planet, my friend. Take a look at the tiger for one – or, the jaguar – another one of my favorite big cats after the tiger.

The jaguar is known as the “reluctant” warrior. Jaguars tend to avoid conflict – but hem in that jaguar – push him into a corner, and you’ll never seen a more ferocious and bloody “to the death” fightback. Whew!

I’ve seen videos of tigers and leopards killing full grown salt water crocs and – get this – carrying them up in their JAWS up trees!

I’ve also seen videos of tigers routinely hunt “gaur” (the largest species of cattle in the world) – and haul ’em off across long swathes of forest with impunity, dragging the carcass along as they go like it weighed nothing. Talk about neck and jaw strength, eh?

Anyway, what do these cats do all day in terms of movement?

They certainly don’t “run at a slow pace” or “pound the forest” all day long. They don’t do 50 x 500 x 3.5 tiger crawls all day long. In fact, the vast majority of the big cats spend most of their time RESTING – either on terra firm, or on trees, etc.

But when it’s time to get the job done – BAM – can they move – and can they move EXPLOSIVELY!

I’ve seen a video where an angry tigress attacks a woman on an elephant – leaps over the elephant (full grown elephant) – and takes two of it’s fingers off in the same leap and – all in one breath – bounds back into the jungle. Took less than 2 seconds perhaps.

Now that’s SPEED, don’t you think?

You too, my friend, can benefit from following this sort of exercise routine, and I state that unabashedly, unreservedly, and “unapologetically”, hehe on the 0 Excuses Fitness System page.

Big cats stretch forwards – and backwards several times a day – akin to the stretch you get from the Hindu (wrestler) pushups mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. These alone will give you explosive upper body strength and shoulder muscles like you’ve never experienced before – and the kind of deep, “barrel” chest you cannot get from other sorts of exercises.

The deep breathing techniques in the System will give you energy – that lasts during the day – and that doesn’t quit on ya when you need it the most.

Big cats rest for the most of the day – but when it’s time to get the job done, what do they do?

They don’t move in “slo mo”. No – it’s a full fledged SPRINT – an all out sprint – and the closest human equivalent to that would be the “Bourne sprints” I do on a regular basis, hehe.

A big cat doesn’t exercise all day long. In fact, less than a few minutes of intense activity is probably all it gets in during the day – but the benefits reaped from those few minutes – is – to put it in one way – immeasurable.

So if you’re looking to be the KING of the workout jungle – develop insane “cat like” flexibility – real world strength that doesn’t quit – and LASTS – as well as boundless levels of energy and stamina that don’t let you down when you need it the most – well – start exercising the way of the animal, my friend. Start doing so right HERE – –

Well, my friend, that’s it for now. My buddy’s back at it with another “counter” as to why a lion is indeed the king of the jungle, and I can’t let that one go past without a swipe or two, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you know about sprints, but are not sure how to work them into your system – well – not to worry. My “Advanced Hill Training” course has plenty of workouts that covers all bases – and the best thing? These workouts can just as easily be ported over to flat land as on hills. Grab yourself a copy right HERE – –

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