“Am I too direct”?

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Dear reader,

Back in a previous life when I used to work a full time “9-5” job – or several, for that matter, and I hated each and every one of them – something I heard ad infinitum – and something that annoyed the bejezus out of me – was that I was “too direct”.

“You’re too direct!”

“Rahul needs to tone it down”

“He’s too brutally honest” (this last one all the time)

And so on and so forth. Funny part was, while I WAS – and very unreservedly and unabashedly still AM – ALL OF THE ABOVE – those same people that criticized me “in front of others” for saying it like it was and being true to myself would actually go back “behind closed doors” and “ponder what I said”.

Often times I’d hear back from those very people (in private) and these people would tell me what I was saying was right.

“Well, why didn’t you say it upfront then”, would be my response.

And I’d get a litany of responses all similar in nature – ranging from the usual “Oh, I can’t say that in front of others” to “I’m worried what they might think” or something along those lines.

Fast forward to NOW – a good 10 – or 12 years later, and have I changed?

Not one bit apparently – not from when I was “paddled” in the fourth grade for not reporting a teacher complaint (that I had kicked another lad in the shins – hey – but what I can say – he deserved it – kicked him so hard that he apparently ended up in the school clinic to “treat a bruise”) to my parents on time.

The “bruising” I received then for “not being honest” is something that has stuck with  me my entire life, although to be fair the reason my fourth grade self didn’t tell my parents about the complaint was they wouldn’t listen to me anyway (they’re the “the other person is always right” sort – to an extreme).

What do I  mean by the “other person is always right” – well, what I mean is this – there have been plenty of times when the other person is WRONG – and yet it was somehow “acceptable”. Case in point being when I personally once put a bruising – so much so that my fingers left marks on  the dude’s neck – on a ass clown in 8th grade that was calling me every name under the sun and deserved every bit of what he got.

And lest you think I was a stud in school, think AGAIN. I was probably one of the skinniest and smallest kids around – and did definitely get the heck “smacked” out of me plenty of times – including a table to the forehead WWE style once – which curiously enough didn’t seem to register with the school authorities at that time – at least not as much as the “death grip” (Gorilla style, hehe) on the neck did.

While I’ve not been on speaking terms with my parents for a long time now (for a barrage of reasons) – that ONE lesson stuck with me my entire life – and I’m damn glad it did.

Little did “Daddy dearest” know that “little Rahul” would grow up to so brutally honest that “Daddy Dearest” would be despairingly telling an adult Rahul to “play office politics” (or some nonsense of that nature) in order to avoid incurring a boss’s wrath. If he did, he might well have reconsidered his approach to handling said situation at that time, hehe.

A friend of mine recently told me much the same thing here in China. Apparently Chinese – and Asian in general – cultures are not that brutally honest  – and one should “tone it down” if one were to successfully do biz with them (I was engaged in a biz dealing at that time).

Fooey on all that, I say. Fiddlesticks. I’ve been known for saying it like it is for a long, long time – and if that causes biz deals to go south – or “Facebook” friends to whine about my direct nature, then so be it. I could care less.

True, there ARE times when we’d all be best served keeping our yaps shut – but such times are few and far in between, my friend.

Though I do NOT take much interest in politics, and what’s going on in the White House, and whose sending texts to who – I DO greatly admire the man that is in charge of the White House now – Donald Trump a man after my own heart.

Not purely because he’s got the nation’s best interests at heart – but because it’s WYSIWYG with them – much like me. Trump could care less what folks think of him – and this honest and brutally frank style is something I greatly admire.

I once said to one of my best friends here, an ex-Marine – “If there’s ONE person on the face of this planet that’s more brutally direct than me – it’s Trump”.

My friend laughed.

“We don’t know that, Rahul. It isn’t a foregone conclusion by any means!”

Anyway, that’s how I’ve always been – was – am – and WILL continue to be for the rest of my life my friends. Saying it like it is – and being HONEST – is what I prefer, and this style shines through in all my products as well.

Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) tell you that you can not only develop a cast iron grip – but an “unnatural” (or kung fu style) pull to your grip with the exercises there in – and it’s ALL TRUE.

Shoulders like Boulders tells you that you can develop MASSIVE injury proof shoulders from doing just ONE exercises (and a few other supplementary movements mentioned) – and it’s NOT an exaggeration, my friend. Not one damn bit.

And so on and so forth.

Moral of today’s story – or rant – or email – which have you?

Well – it’s this. Be yourself – and be DIRECT – and say it like it is – WITHOUT fear of “what others might think”.

True, this may not win you any popularity contests up front – but at the end of the day, you’ll be a better person for it – and feel far more confident in your own skin than the vast majority of the “politically correct” folks do.

Last, but not least, those of you that are in sales or marketing might think this approach leads to lost customers – and if you do – well – think again, my friend.

In fact, think several times. In the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales I talk about the success I had at the company being referred to – and EACH AND EVERY ONE of those sales was made in the same brutally direct honest manner – and far from repelling sales, it seemed to attract new customers – and new sales – like bits of steel to a magnet.

Rise UP – and be YOURSELF, my friend – WITHOUT reservation. It really IS the only way to live.


Rahul Mookerjee

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