“Hell, it may even make for a good Bollywood movie”

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Dear reader,

Hark back to 2009 when I was writing a rather lengthy email to “Uncle” Bob – one of my friends at the time – a guy I met way, way back in the day in China (in 2004 if memory serves correct).

And what was I telling him about?

Well, I was actually in India at that time, and about to get married to my “now” wife – and I was telling my friend about a somewhat recent instance that occurred – and made the headlines as well, although it wouldn’t even have merited a by-note if my wife and myself hadn’t taken the actions we did (against much opposition).

Briefly speaking, the police scammed my wife and myself out of money in the most ludicrous and unimaginable manner possible – and if what I have to say now makes you spit up your coffee – or goggle wide eyed at the screen a.k. a “how the heck is that even POSSIBLE” – well – I don’t blame ya.

I’m not going to get into specifics here, as that would necessitate a tome rather than an e-mail, but my wife and myself had got married a few days ago and were sitting outside a courthouse in New Delhi waiting to get our paperwork etc done.

‘Twas a nice day. The birds were chirping, the sun was out – and yours truly was on top of the world – as you might imagine.

We were doing all the normal things a couple does. Necking. Cuddling. Holding hands etc. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary as you might expect.

And all of a sudden some cops pulled up beside us and decided to “hook us and book us” for – what – you might ask?

“Kissing in public” was what they say, although incredibly enough we hadn’t even done that – though it wouldn’t have mattered if we had would it?

Anyway, long story short – we were scammed out of some money during the process – and despite all the “pleas” from friends etc to the contrary – my wife and I pursued the entire matter in court, and so ludicrous were the allegations made by the cops and so utterly unbelievable that not only did the entire matter get thrown out – it also made page #2 of the Times of India – two huge feature articles if I recall correctly.

And lest you think I’m kidding, think again. We received a letter of apology from the Police Department as well – but guess what – none of this would happened if we would have done what the vast majority of folks suggested which was to “take it and do nothing”.

As I wrote in the last email, being one of the “sheeple” never really works, my friends. Say it like it is – and say so with courage and without fear – and you’ll reap just rewards in due time.

Anyway, all this prompted Uncle Bob to make the aforementioned comment, and I can’t say I blame him, hehe. Hell, who knows – I may even write a book about the entire story (quite an ordeal at the time) sometime in the future – then again, maybe not. Who knows.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve got mental movies of myself going through  my head all the time – but NOT Bollywood style.

I mentally run a movie of myself working out – sprinting – running – doing pushups – pull-ups – whatever it might be BEFORE I do the actual workout – and guess what. It not only gets me through my workout like it was nothing – but it also never fails to deliver BETTER results each and every time, my friend.

I was doing handstand pushups to the nose today instead of the top of my head, and to make it harder I paused just that bit longer in the “down” position, something that I previously wasn’t too good at.

(Note – this is NOT something I recommend for beginners. As I’ve said in Shoulders like Boulders – you need to first get good at the handstand holds before even attempting a handstand pushup – let alone a HSPU to your nose as opposed to the top of your head.

Do NOT make the mistake of thinking you don’t need to work into this – you DO.)

And yet, today, after I visualized myself doing so – it was like that – BAM! It was like nothing – and just happened without any apparent conscious effort as well – much like the sales visualization techniques I’ve spoken about before in previous emails.

Another movie I often re-run in my own mental theater is of me doing “Bourne Sprints” before I do the actual sprints – and believe me, my performance improves each and every time.

You TOO, my friend would be well served by running mental movies in your head BEFORE you start out on any goal.

Run the mental movie of yourself DOING IT – and ACCOMPLISHING said goal – and THEN begin actually doing it.

Report back on your results – I’ll bet they’re out of this world!

Well, my friend – that’s it for now. I’ll be back again with more.



P.S. – “Bourne sprints” are covered in Advanced Hill Training, although I don’t refer to that by that name in the manual. So are several other sprints – done in the quadruped position that’ll fry fat off your entire body in record time, my friend. You CAN literally eat more and weigh less – almost on a daily basis. Get your paws on this truly mindblowing and superlative course right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/

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