Buffet molesters, listen up

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Dear Reader,

Twas a feeding FRENZY this morning, my friend. Sure was – except it wasn’t the human type I’m referring to.

Nah – it was a feeding frenzy amongst the fishes in the lake in my apartment complex (or “garden” as the Chinese like to refer to apartment complexes as).

Amazingly enough, over the past few weeks these fish have come to recognize me. I have NO idea how – or that it was even possible – but in the past, when I approached these fishes and simply looked at them idly before moving on, they’d be doing their thing as well.

But NOW – ever since I’ve been “bonding” with them, hehe, they seem to recognize either my footfalls – or perhaps the sound of the plastic bag in which their “goodies” are contained – and they immediately make a beeline for a certain deeper part of the lake – where a railing is conveniently located – and from where I feed ’em.

Amazing, but true. Is is the Universe coming closer to me every morning, beckoning me to be a PART of it? Sure feels like it …

Anyway, these fishes seemed to be extra hungry today, so I fed ’em a bit more. Even the larger and more “slothful” of them were energetic today – perhaps it’s got something to do with the over night rain – who knows.

Anyway, this frenzy, my friend – this mad dash for every little goodie I distributed was NOTHING compared to the human kind that goes on unchecked and unabated (and indeed to a certain extent “encouraged”) in buffets across the nation.

Step into any “Barnhill’s buffet”, for instance, and you’ll see plenty of folks with stomachs and backsides so big and wide that they’d put an average barndoor to shame within a jiffy.

More importantly, take a look at the helpings on the plate – and the type of food that’s consumed here.

Gargantuan helpings for one – each helping seems enough to feed a family by itself – especially when you look at the mounds of frieeeeeeeeed chicken dripping with grease, heaping amount of gravy, tons of buttery bread, pork chops (with the lard literally hanging on to them), roasssssst beef (a somewhat better option if consumed in moderation) and what not.

The mashed potatoes section seems to be heavily visited as well, and of course a whole array of other lard inducing, blubber forming food items.

I believe they do have salad somewhere there – a forlorn container usually unvisited at such buffets. Corn on the cob as well, which is sometimes viewed on them plates, along with perhaps black eyed peas – but not too often.

Not to  mention the amount of leftover food on each plate – I’d imagine that all the leftovers alone would be enough to feed an entire nation in Sub Saharan Africa by themselves, hehe.

And it’s not just the U.S. I’m referring to here – it’s the “developed” world in general. In fact China and India, two of the countries traditionally known for “staying in shape” are now being hit big time by not just obesity in adults – but childhood obesity brought on by a daily overdose of video games, pizza, Micky D’s and KFC, all to excess – and an utter lack of real physical activity.

Now am I saying you shouldn’t indulge occasionally? Of course not – I do so myself, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But when that ONE plate of fried chicken (in heapfuls) turns into two – three – and a “burpy” four – followed by a long nap and more of the same in the evening, THAT is when it turns into a blubbery problem – and a big one at that.

Now, I realize there are some folks that will read this and go about on their merry “buffet molesting” ways anyway.

All good – I can but advise – and in that spirit, here are a few things to do before you embark on your gourd stuffing adventure –

Pound out some Hindu squats – with the right arm movement – and at the right cadence as shown in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. Even better, pound out a 100 quick ones WITHOUT stopping – if you’re able to do them, that is. If not, do what you can.

Not only will these get the heart pounding – and the metabolism ROARING – but they’ll also improve your digestion tremendously – and you’ll be able to gorge more as a result. Not what I’d advise, of course, but it’s better than nothing.

If you live near an area with hills – or stairs – well – do the obvious. CLIMB them – multiple times. Get to the point where your huffing and puffing and can’t climb one more single step.

After this, crack open the Advanced Hill Training System, and start pounding out the first (and most basic) workout I mention therein.

It won’t take long at all. Believe me, you’ll have plenty of time to molest them chicken breasts later – but the walks combined with the workouts will not only shed a few kgs right in front of your eyes – but will improve your appetite TREMENDOUSLY as well.

And if you live near the buffet, do me a favor and WALK to the buffet – and then WALK back home. You’ll feel a heck of lot better for it!

OK – that’s it for now. Back again with more!



P.S. – While you may be thinking I’m “a hating” on the buffet molesters, I’m really not, my friend. I’m really not. Movement is key to life – Eugene Sandow I believe it was that said “movement is life – without movement you’re dead”. I’ll take LIFE anyday, my friend – ANY DAY. So should you. Start breathing LIFE into your fitness regimen right here – right now – TODAY – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S.#2 – Don’t forget to grab the Advanced Hill Training manual while you’re at it. Make special note of the freeeeeeeeeeebie that I’m offering for now – but remember this will not be offered for much longer. Make haste while the sun shines, my brother. Jump on this NOW.

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