Pull-ups in the drizzle

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Dear Reader,

Hoooooooooo boyyyyyy! My fingers be a SHAKING as I write this – and my forearms feel like they’ve been mashed to PULP. My shoulders feel like a blacksmith took a pair of tongs to them, so swollen are they – and my traps done burst out of my T-shirt – almost.

But most of all, my grip, my friend. Myu grip – and so if this email contains more typos than usual, then that’s why.

Most folks know I’m a huge, huge proponent of Grip training – and today was no different.

Only thing different was hot, humid weather outside – and pouring rain early in the morning which lightened to an annoying “steady” drizzle later.

Steady “Seattle like” drizzle if I might say so, not enough to be “rain”, but enough to make you feel it – and those that have lived in or been to Seattle or thereabouts will know what I’m referring to.

Now, how did any of this impact me, you might ask?

Well, simple. I was doing my pull-ups outdoors at the usual haunt. The usual THICK ass bars, and what made it different this time was the slight bit of drizzle which made the bars slicker than slick, and yet not so slick that  you couldn’t grab on to them.

Now, I’ve always maintained in Gorilla Grip and all my other courses that one of the MAIN – or perhaps #1 – trick to building your grip is to train with thick bars.

I don’t care if you push – or pull – or do a combo of the two – do it with THICK bars, my friend.

Grip – nay -squeeze that sucker as if your life depended upon it – and TODAY, the slight drizzle made it all that more harder to hold on to.

Now, this is not an invitation to go out and train in the rain. In fact, you might well end up injuring yourself during high rep pull-ups if your fingers slip. I’ve been there and done that – and had a nasty case of tennis elbow for days. Not fun.

But the plus side?

Is that if you focus extra hard on your grip – when it’s HARDER to maintain your grip – you not only get the grip workout of your life but also end up doing better at your pull-ups.

So that – my friend is an additional and highly unconventional tip that is NOT included in Gorilla Grip – try it, and get back to me!

And lest you think you need to train in the rain for this effect – think AGAIN.

No, you don’t. You can try a variety of different things to make the  bar thicker and harder to grip on to. Use “Fat Gripz” (available online via most online stores) – or simply drape cloth over the pull-up bar to make it thicker.

Or simply grip the darn thing as hard as you can – – literally make THAT a workout unto itself while doing your pull-ups.

So many different ways, my friend. So many different ways. A WILL to DO is all that is required!

Anyway, I’m out for now. Off to grab some much needed victuals after that heck of a workout I had – – replete with handstand pushups at the end of it all. Be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The Indian and Iranian wrestlers of yore used to smear their bodies with oil so their opponents had to work that much harder to grip, twist, turn and slam. Can you imagine the sheer gripping strength this built?? And all this mind you before the boobybuilders that pass for “moderen day pro wrestlers”, hehe. Train like the old time strongmen and wrestlers did, my friend – and the way to do it is outlined right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

P.S. #2 – Here is a recent testimonial a customer of mine gave me on my book “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS” –

This guy is the real deal. I encourage all readers to buy his products and benefit like I have. Thank you, Rahul! Rahul is an unusual combination of both brains and serious brawn. And his products shows. Pick a copy of his books and you will get more than your money’s worth in terms of fitness

Gautam, India

Amen, my BROTHER. Amen to that! This course truly IS the best course for going from DUD to STUD status at pull-ups and you can grab it right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

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