The tree hugger

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Dear reader,

Got done with a ball buster of a workout earlier, and decided to take a hike through woods “out yonder” as it were.

And while I was breathing in the fresh air and generally enjoying being at one with Nature – and in the great Outdoors, I saw a group of ladies, all on their dumb-phones, giggling away 19 to the 12.

And the focal point of their attention was one of their own – a lady in her mid 30’s or so quite literally hugging a massive tree right next to her – and the rest were snapping photos excitedly on their smart (not) phones.

And when I say hugging, I don’t mean “posing”. I don’t even mean preening 19 to the 12 in front of the almighty tree God (is there such a thing?), hehe.

No I  mean this lady was HUGGING the tree life her life depended upon it and apparently this was her selfie moment of the day – one amongst many I’m sure.

Now, before you start to get all “agitated” on me, please note that this post has NOTHING to do with – and nothing against, for that matter, those for a “liberal political” bent of mind if you get my drift, hehe.

Neither has it got nothing to do with actual tree huggers – rabid or not. I’m as avid of a nature conservationist as you’ll ever find – that is for sure.

Nah –  it’s more a bit of a “rant” against selfie queens – and those who seem to live vicariously through selfies galore. I mean, if there is ONE activity in this entire world that (after being a couch potato) is the most useless and time wasting activity a human being can partake of – its this mindless selfie obsession, my friend.

I  mean, what possible good can it do to fill up (and share) your social media stream with zillions of headshots of you – or your dog – or your food – and post some silly comments underneath it?

What the world BE coming to, eh? Dem smartphones will be the death of us all – at least mentally – and NO, this is NOT the point of this post.

Point is to tell you that while tree hugging may or may not a bad thing, there are far better things you can do in the presence of that massive tree than “hug” it.

And one of those things – and thereby today’s tip (a most valuable one, so pay heed) is to push and pull in an isometric manner against that tree until your arms start to shake.

Isometrics done in this manner have an amazing positive impact on your overall muscle – as well as tendon and ligament strength. The Great Gama, who was (without doubt) the greatest wrestler to have ever lived practised these on a daily basis. So did the Mighty Atom. So did Charles Atlas (he of the “dynamic tension” fame).

The list goes on and on – and the fact is that if you’re at a sticking point in your pull-ups – or even handstand pushups – or regular pushups – then isometrics done this way are part of the key to blasting past them barriers effortlessly.

This tip, by the way is NOT mentioned in ANY of my courses – I’m mentioning it here to reward you for being on this email list – and to make sure  you’re paying attention everything I send out daily, hehe.

Anyway, that being said, there are better things to hug than a tree. Hug your family. Your spouse. And while doing so say the three magic words, those being “I love you”.

Say them with HEART- and HEARTFELT emotion, and hug your family CLOSE as you say it. Three words, but the emotion in them makes all the difference, my friend. Oh yessssss sirreeee. It DOES!

And once you’re in that wondrous state of positive feeling, the well springs of emotion gushing out, channel that energy into a “floor hugger” of a workout such as the 250 pushup workout I go through in the workout video in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Hindu pushups, “table” pushups, and reverse pushups will ALL have you “hugging” the floor in different ways, but it’ll benefit you far, far more than taking selfies on the dumbphone will. Trust me on that.

Anyway, that’s today’s tip – isometrics and “floor huggers” as in the System, hehe.

I’ll be back again with more – oh, and in case you didn’t know – it IS possible to go from “tree hugger” status to “Super Stud” status – at least if you’re part of the readership here.

What do I mean? Well – stay tuned for the next email – and you’ll find out!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – While you’re waiting don’t forget to grab a copy of “Pull-ups – from Dud to Stud” – the course people have been raving and ranting about for ages now – and a course that’ll get you to 100 pull-ups in a workout – or more in – NO time at all. More on that in the next email.


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