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Dear reader,

Well, well, well. Receive quite a barrage of responses to my last “tree hugger” email – most complimentary – some NOT.

I’ll share more of that later, but first – something that happened a couple of days ago.

I woke up a couple of mornings ago, feeling fresh as a daisy – and checked the dumbphone on instinct – something I do NOT do until an hour or so after waking up to be honest.

There are far better things to do both BEFORE – and AFTER bed than check the dumb phone – and despite the vast majority  of people that apparently stayed glued to the darn thing even in their dreams, you’d be better off disconnecting from it from the most part.

Anyway, I checked it, and sure enough – there was a reason I did so – there was a message from one of my best friends – a workout related message.

We were discussing workouts the last night, and the topic got on to pull-ups, and the first thing I saw from him was this “Damn, a 100 pull-ups are hard for anyone!!”

Now, remember, this is coming from an ex-Marine – a 6’1″ mountain of muscle – and a man with arms like a blacksmiths’s and a grip like an anvil’s. Marines do tons and tons of pull-ups (albeit apparently from what my buddy said the form isn’t always perfect, but all good) during their training – so for him to say that was something.

Anyway, being that I knock out 100 pull-ups fairly regularly as part of a workout, this is no big deal for me, and I said it.

“100 pull-ups – yes, they’re tough, but you can work up to doing that many in proper form in a workout, my brother. Oh yes you can – I do ’em regularly, and barely feel ’em these days”.

And then I paused, as another thought suddenly struck me, and continued.

“But … now, handstand pushups! Now anyone that can knock out a 100 of those in proper form per workout – now THAT person is officially at super stud status. A.k.a. Doug Hepburn”.

My buddy responded with one of those emoticons that are all the rage these days on smartphones and social media, and the meme was “You’re goddamned right!”.

‘Tis a fact,my friend. ‘Tis a fact. HSPU’s are hard enough to do for most people – let alone do ’em in reps – and anyone that can progress beyond 50 or so reps in a workout is officially at STUD level – and 100?

Lets just say that even my advanced course on shoulders does NOT (well, as far as I know) quite get to the point of doing 100 handstand pushups in a workout, though there’s plenty of pull-ups, of course.

Not to mention do ’em in proper, strict form …

Doug Hepburn, of course was a MASTER at doing handstand pushups – and this is evidenced by his build as well. Anyone that claims bodyweight exercises don’t build size and strength would be well advised to take a look at ole Doug’s picture right HERE – –

I mean, can you imagine doing handstand pushups on dipping bars for one?? Doug was reputed to have done these in SETS – at a bodyweight of over 300 pounds if I’ve got it right.

Mucho respecto to one of the all time greats – a true legend if I might say so.

Now, while 100 HSPU’s in a workout is a worthy goal to work up to – it’s also very achievable if you try. I’ve gotten up to 75 per workout – so I see no reason why I shouldn’t eventually be able to pound out a 100 of them per workout.

I see no reason why YOU, my friend shouldn’t be able to get good at these either. None at all.

And so without further ado – if you’re tired of that nagging shoulder and upper back pain – if you’re tired of never building core strength no matter what you do – if you’re tired of a bazillion movements for the upper body – and most of all, if you’ve got a keen desire to build bulletproof, massive shoulders and barn door like lats all with ONE movement – well – then head on over right HERE to learn about it – –

Implement what’s being said in the manual, and crack on with the exercises/routines.

And of course – when you can crank out 100 HSPU’s in a workout – in proper form – give me a holla and I’ll let out a carnal YELL that can be heard all over the world!

Ok, my friend – that’s it out for now. I’m off to grab some much needed nourishment. Be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Still think bodybuilding and shooting yourself full of steroids is the best way to go in terms of building massive shoulders? Well – think again, my friend. Not only will steroids reduce the size of your family jewels, but it’ll do next to nothing for REAL strength – or strength that lasts any length of time. And if you don’t believe me, well – hear it from the horse’s mouth – a former bodybuilder that tells it ALL – right here —

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