Cat like speed and strength

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Dear reader,

Big cats are, without exception some of the most amazing and awe inspiring creatures in this wonderful world we live in.

Did you know, for instance, that a tigers are known to regularly clock in at speeds averaging close to a mind boggling 60km/hour when going all out?

Just to put in perspective, that’s the average 300 kg tiger we’re talking about – NOT a skinny pavement pounder. And that’s more than double the speed of an average Olympic sprinter as well.

But why just speed? Let’s talk STRENGTH.

Jaguars have been known to kill and make quick work off gigantic anacondas with alarming regularity. The leopard, while technically smallest of the big cats is certainly no slouch either – I recently saw a video of a leopard killing an adult croc with one paw swipe, and dragging it up a steep hill – and then – get this – up a TREE onto a  branch high above – all seemingly in “one movement”.

And as for our friend, the cheetah? He may not be a member of the “big 4”, but he clocks in at an amazing 100 km/hour or above when he chooses to get his sprint on. . .

But let me talk about the MOST amazing piece of footage I’ve seen thus far. In India, land of the Bengal tiger, an enraged Bengal tiger spotted a man on an elephant (apparently) hunting her.

The man spotted her just in the nick of time – but did he?

As SOON as he saw the beast emerge from the field, the tigress roared – made a quick dash towards the elephant, LEAPED – OVER the elephant’s back – STRAIGHT at the man – and took two of his fingers with it as it came back down, and bounded back into the jungles, never to be seen again.

Wow. Just WOW, is all I gotta say to that!

And just how and why are cats so amazingly strong, flexible, agile and QUICK? Just how do they consistently punch FAR above their weight?

Well – simple – they follow Nature’s laws, and they do things the NATURAL way.

Now, lest you think all this cat talk has no parallel in the “human” world – think AGAIN, my friend. It does – more than you think (or know).

Mr. Tiger, the last time I checked didn’t “load up on carbs” before sprinting or measure and pound “X kgs of buffalo meat sans the hide” before he went on a long walk around his territory.

ALL of my workouts are done on an empty stomach and I’m in the best shape of my life at age 37 – BETTER – WAY better than I was at the age of 24.

Despite the “conventional wisdom” about eating 3 meals a day, or sometimes small meals throughout the day – and despite the stuff about breakfast being the most important meal of the day – my first meal is, believe it or not generally no earlier than 5 in the evening.

Used to be around 6:30 when I used to partake of my first meal – this AFTER a full day of work – and AFTER a workout. And the heaviest meal of the day for me is usually late at night – like Mr. Tiger/Lion, and the polar opposite of what the “shmexperts” recommend.

And yet – results are what speak, and I can’t argue with mine.

When I’m creating products, I don’t go for long marathon sessions. In fact, and as I’ve said in “Zero to Hero” I work in short bursts of a max of 2 hours each – not unlike a cat’s short sprints in a way – and yet I get way more accomplished in those short bursts than most do putting in an entire day’s of “work”.

When I feel fatigued during my workout, I don’t stop to check my phone or chat with the bros, or mess around with the babes, or take 10 minute breaks between sets, my friend.

I drop down to the floor and walk around like a bear – or cat – and within minutes my energy levels are back to normal.

Try this one the next time you’re  out of breath climbing a hill, for instance, or even a steep flight of stairs. Drop down to the quadruped position and then back up to the bipedal position and notice the ease with which the second half of your odessey up them stairs commences.

And the average man CAN benefit from doing things NATURE’s way – or training the way of the ANIMAL, in other words.

Instead of “feeling grouchy” and making a beeline for the coffee machine every morning when you wake up – why not instead do some deep breathing and visualization – and set some goals?

After this, why not pound out some cat like movements as I teach in the 0 Excuses Fitness System?

These “cat like” pushups will not only stretch and energize you within the space of a few minutes, but you’ll also be buzzing for the REST of the day – and what’s more, they’ll give you that “sinewy cat like strength” and EXPLOSIVE power you cannot get from lifting weights or doing “yoga shmoga”, or what have you.

It doesn’t take much at all. Just you, your body and the floor – but the simplest stuff work the best if you do things the way Nature intended you to do ’em!

So drop the weights and long ass cardio sessions today, my friend. They’re certainly NOT what they’re made out to be.

Train the way of the animal – and obtain ANIMAL LIKE RESULTS – the 0 Excuses way!

Ok – that’s it for today. I’m off to grab some prey myself now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee


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