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Dear Reader,

Just got done chatting with my wife for a while, and what I heard didn’t entirely surprise me (at least, not part of it).

It seems that these days “most” people are perennially down with either some sort of bug or flu – – or a stomach infection.

Or food poisoning. Or worse.

And you know what the funny (I should actually say “strange”, not “funny”) part is about all this?

Most of these people are “ostensibly” those very same people that a) apparently “take care of their health” and b) are meticulous about their diet etc – and do what the “shmexperts” proclaim works.

Case in point being a family member of mine (I’m not going to name him) who curiously enough delighted in lecturing me about “bad habits” galore, but is himself afflicted with a case of the “Buddha Belly” as well as flatulence, and (currently) apparently a case of severe food poisoning “due to the weather”, apparently.

And yet, this person refuses to give up his glass of spirits at the end of the day …

Another case in point being a good friend of mine – who is apparently “trying to lose weight”.

My first comment to him was “Well, get started back on the exercise program man!”

When I met him – this guy was lean and mean – and a FIGHTING MACHINE – and I don’t mean “in real life”. He had the look in his eye – the “eye of the tiger” – and the way he grabbed my hand in a bone crushing vice spoke volumes not just to his physical conditioning – but also his MENTAL state of mind.

And today, this same person is constantly down with lung infections. Illness. And so forth.

And his answer to my comment was “Oh, I have no time to exercise” – but curiously enough, he’s got time to “monitor his diet”. He’s got time to think about whether or not his meals have carbs in them (or something like that) –  – but yet, a simple exercise regimen?

No way, Jose.

Give up the “brew? No way, amigo!

And so forth …

‘Tis sad, but very true – in BOTH the cases, and the vast majority of cases not only is blindly just “sitting on your rumpus” and following “shmexpert” advice (which usually panders to an inbuilt human tendency to be LAZY and make excuses) WRONG – – it is actually detrimental to your overall health and well being.

Not only that – ’tis very sad – but VERY true – a solid exercise program done for about 20 – 30 minutes a day, or even less could CURE most of these “recurring illnesses” once and for all – if only people stopped being lazy and GOT ON THE STICK.

I love my buddy like a brother – and yet his unwillingness to simply do what would “get him out of the mud pit” (if I might say so) frustrates me no end. And the same thing applies to the vast majority of folks that are constantly “feeling down” or “perennially ill” or “have a constant case of the bloat” – or IBS – or so forth.

People – it’s simple enough. The solution is … to GET off your duff, and DO something.

Rather than spending time worrying about whether the gym will give you discounted prices for the next year, drop down on the floor and crack out a 100 pushups as fast as you can. Not only will the deep breathing involved in this entire set energize you – but you’ll also feel far better for the rest of the day.

Key here being to stop making excuses – and get on a decent bodyweight exercise program – the same one yours truly has used for YEARS – and continues using till this date – the one right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

My own diet might shock most of you. I’ve written about my irregular “animal like”eating patterns before. I’ve even spoken about how I regularly “go against the grain” in terms of what the “schmexperts” say.

And yet – the results? I can’t recall being sick in years — not even a minor bug or so – – and if it does happen, it’s usually over before I know it.

I can’t recall feeling weak – – or “having no energy” – – or “not feeling up to it” – – in donkey’s years.

Am I special? A superhuman? From outer space?

I think NOT, my friend. I’m just your average guy with  less than average genetics/background that’s built himself up – from the INSIDE out – the way YOU should as well.  And the ONE and MAJOR key to do this – is exercise.

Regular hard “bouts” of exercise  (done the RIGHT way) – and NO excuses made. That’s all there is to it.

Drop the fancy diet plans. Drop the excuses. Drop all the wailing about “it’s not going to work” or “it is too difficult”.

Just – DO it. It’s that simple, my friend.

Get on the stick right here today – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ – – and watch your overall health and fitness improve by LEAPS and bounds.

Sure, your local Walgreens might not be too enthused about declining revenues – – but your body sure WILL!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t have time? Well, try telling me that once I get through looking through all the selfies you so assiduously posted on Facebook and other social media. Ugggggggh. Whats the world coming to when folks have “time” to engage in meaningless banter and update about a bazillion pics of their lunch – and dinner – and shopping – and ah, but I think you get the point. Control, my friend. It’s all about CONTROL. Grab complete control over your life – and your HEALTH today – and make a start right HERE.

P.S. #2 – And if this email comes across as being “abrasive” or “uncaring” so be it. My job is to point out the facts – not be a “babysitter” of sorts.  ‘Tis how I am, my friend – ’tis how I’ve always been – but the one thing I CAN promise you is I’ll give you the facts – unadulterated – straight – and EVERY darn time.

P.P.S. – Make today’s training session the BEST one ever. I sure did!

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