Success hangs with success

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Dear Reader,

Just got done having lunch with one of my best friends here in China – and it was a big ole juicy hamburger – with fries – and salad – the works.

Funnily enough we were supposed to eat pizza – pizza at the pizzeria which I mentioned a few emails (or weeks ago).

You remember that one, don’t you? The unprofessional nature of the biz was such that I mentioned it in my daily emails as the type of business you do NOT want to be dealing with – and the type of business which God only knows how stays afloat (to a degree, at least).

I mean a pizza place ignoring customer requests for toppings – and brazenly? Uhhh … not exactly the best way to go about things!

And that callous attitude repeated itself today. My buddy had booked a place there a few days ago – had confirmed it up and down with the guy that owns the place – and yet, today he received  a curt sounding message from the guy saying “I’ve gotta be someplace else” (so he wouldn’t be available at that time).

I mean is that unprofessional or what – and this is NOT an isolated incident.

Anyway, we grabbed a great juicy burger at another place, and a great time was had. Sat outside in the sun for a while, chatted about this and that – and I must say he’s one guy I’m gonna miss big time when I leave for India in a few week’s time (or perhaps even sooner than that).

The camaraderie. The sense of shared brotherhood. The sense of knowing another person’s got your back … and most of all, the positive vibes we share amongst us.

And that’s one of the main takeaways from today’s email, my friend.

If you’re looking to improve or better upon your station in life – hang with those folks that are looking to do the same.

The extra boost of energy – and positive vibes you get from hanging out and associating with these folks is the polar opposite of what you’ll get from hanging out with low vibration “energy vampires” (of which there are admittedly way more than there should be).

Not only that, you’ll feed off each other in terms of achieving the ultimate goal that both of y’all want to achieve.

Napoleon Hill called this the “MasterMind” principle. “Think and Grow Rich” (a book you should read even if you’re NOT interested in getting rich) devotes an entire chapter to it, and it’s well worth a read at least once a week if not more.

And when it comes to fitness?

If you’re looking at getting fit naturally – achieving REAL levels of health, strength and fitness as opposed to the “pumpers and toners” – well – hang with people that have similar interests.

If you’re currently at a level where you’re stuck at 40 squats – but aspire to a 100 – or more – then hang with people that have similar goals/energy levels, and you’ll find your performance improving that much more.

Last, but not least, success in any endeavor doesn’t happen “by accident”. It happens, as a well known author once put it by “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

If you’re looking to get the fittest you’ve ever been – the leanest you’ve ever been – to be the sort of person that can bang out 500 pushups per workout – el al, well, you DO what THOSE people have done – as opposed to the gym bunnies, “crunch maniacs”, crash dieters, booby builders, and so forth.

You follow the SAME exercises and routines they have – and those routines are right HERE –

And believe me, it works a hell of a lot better. For instance, the burger I ate today didn’t even register with me, and it sure as heck won’t add a lick of extra weight to me either.

That’s the way to live, my friend.

Associate with success – train hard – and allow yourself the occasional indulgence every so often.

You’ll be all the better off for it!

Ok, that’s it for now. I’ll be back again later.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’re part of the crowd that loves to “indulge” more than you should – perhaps more than “once in a while”, then you’ll want to “arm” yourself accordingly against the lard lumps that be-a-waiting to form. And the info – nay, AMMO – you need to blast them pesky fat cells right out of the water is right HERE – –

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