Godzilla shoulders

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Dear Reader,

WHAT a workout it was today – indeed one to write home about – and that is PRECISELY what I’m gonna do here.

Wow. Just WOW. I  mean my forearms are literally zinging with energy up and down an hour or so after I write this – not to mention my entire upper arm, which seems like someone has taken a beating to it – in a GOOD way – especially the triceps, which seem to be swollen to triple their size right about now.

My core feels like it’s been pulverized – hammered – smashed – what have you – especially the upper abs, my friend, and I can still “feel” them with each deep breath I take as I’m writing this to you.

But all of this, my brother, PALES in comparison to how my shoulders feel – and they feel about as close to “King Kong” (or Godzilla, or GORILLA) shoulders that a man can get.

I usually workout with my shirt off, and then throw it back on after my workout – and though it’s always a struggle to get the arms in through the T-shirt – it was NIGH impossible today for a few minutes at least.

I’m not kidding. It felt like I would rip right through the shirt as I put it on, and though I finally managed it, it’s still “sticking” to me in a most “skin like” manner – – and it’ll be another battle to get it OFF if you know what I mean.

(note to manufacturers – – clothes sizes are meaningless for those that workout regularly – – gorilla style – – we need a blend of XXXL shoulders and “S” taper around the waist).

That above bit is never gonna happen, of course – but all of this, my friend – has come about as  a direct result of just ONE workout – workout #1, I believe in Battletank Shoulders.

ONE workout – with mainly TWO exercises – – and believe me and trust me later, these two exercises are NOT the ones you’d normally think of.

And they sure as heck ain’t done the way most people would think they’re done – and NOT as most “experts” (including the vast majority of so called personal trainers at the gym) recommend.

Most trainees, gym goers, and people in general have been sold a big fat bill of goods on what it takes to build the shoulders (and the upper body).

We’re laboring under the misimpression that “lateral raises” done for reps and sets are the best way to build those “striated” and “cannonball like” shoulders.

A massive misconception if I might say so.  This, without doubt ranks right up there with another common misnomer  – that being that the bench is the most accurate measure of upper body strength.

Let me tell you right now, there are few more unnatural movements than the above two – specifically the lateral raise. Can you tell me one single “everyday” or natural movement you make which mirrors the form used in this exercises – not to mention with heavy weights that literally destroy the shoulder joints due to the unnatural angles?

This one exercise is responsible for injuries galore, including, but NOT limited to shoulder/nerve impingement, scapulae issues, rotator cuff problems and trap pain – to name but a few.

And then of course you’ve got the gym bros oiling up, pumping, toning, and taking selfies in front of the mirror after each set – quickly, at that, let the “pump” fade.

And that above bit is a fact, my friend. Most of those unnatural looking pics are taken right after an artificial pump which fades about as quickly as it’s arrived.

Fooey, I say. Baloney. Fiddlesticks.

ALL of that is NOTHING combined with the Battletank Shoulders workout that I put myself through – and that’s just the first one.

It’ll build strength and size like an adult male silverback gorilla – and you’ll retain the size as opposed to what happens in the gym (or once you stopping taking the “roids”).

Still don’t believe me, even after the “eyewitness” account I’ve given you here and in the past? Still think the juiced up monsters at the gym preening and posing got it what it takes?

Well, here’s the acid test, my friend.

Take any of those body(booby) builders – or the average gym goer – or weight pumper – and ask him to get through even ONE round of the exercises mentioned in ANY of the workouts in the book I just mentioned above.

Hell, I’ll go one better – ask the average bodybuilder to even HOLD position – in perfect form – on any of the exercises for more than 30 seconds.

And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle and a horse’s ass if said gentlemen even MAKE it to holding the position – let alone for time – without collapsing in a heap or worse …

… in other words, it ain’t-a-gonna happen, my friend. It just won’t happen.

On the other hand, YOU, my friend – will be the ENVY of these folks as you effortlessly pound out rep after rep of the exercises I mentioned above.

The pumpers and toners will stop their preening and posing, and stare goggle eyed at the workouts YOU are doing.

YOU will develop Godzilla like upper body strength – and be “loaded for bear”, to put it one way – and WILL have the physique to match as well.

In short, they’ll start calling you the BEAST at the gym – – an unstoppable force of nature – – and THAT, my friend, along all the other obvious benefits is worth the entire price of admission methinks.

So don’t delay any longer. If you’re serious about building ungodly levels of upper body strength, then click on over right NOW to get your paws one of the best upper body courses there is out there.

I’ll see you on the “other side”!



P.S. – Along with a Godzilla like core, make sure to strip off every last bit of flab on that midsection too my friend – so that those corrugated ridges of muscle along your midsection will be clearly visible to you – and everyone else as well. Forget the beach boy look. Dump the “six pack” look. You’ll never be ashamed about taking your shirt off at the beach again after you combine with the above with a healthy dose of what is found HERE – – 0excusesfitness.com/advanced-hill-training/


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