In one end, out the other

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Dear Reader,

As I was doing my pull-ups today, I saw a young fella in the park doing some stretches, pushups, dips (well, his own version of them anyway, hehe) – and what not.

This young lad is part of the crowd that works out with me outdoors (when I do) – and as he went about his stretches, I noticed something wierd – funny, even – but unfortunately NOT all that uncommon here in mainland China (and perhaps the ROW as well in many regards).

He was puffing away at the proverbial cancer stick galore – this too WHILE stretching.

He’d puff out on the way “down” while touching his toes, and would take a deep, long, “wheezy” inhale on the way up, and this would continue through the rest of the stretches and then some.

And in the midst of his sets he’d pause to – you guessed it, check his smartphone – and wheeze away on the cancer stick once again until he was ready for set #2.

Now, sad part here is this – this young lad (probably no more than 26 or so) – in the PRIME of his life – was doing most things RIGHT.

Sure, his pull-ups need work – dem “half swing pull-ups” ain’t gonna cut it. And dips done “hanging on top of the bar for dear life and swinging an inch down” style won’t cut it either.

But, he shows up every morning – bang on time – which is more than what most people do.

He goes through his (albeit somewhat flawed) routine – but at least he does SOMETHING – daily – again, more than what the giant majority of the populace do.

But that one mistake is screwing it all up, my friend. Instead of puffing away on Mother Nature’s air – and obviously LIFE giving oxygen, he’s actually doing the exact opposite.

And though the wheezing might not have turned into a cough as of yet – it probably will down the line if he keeps up this habit.

It’s akin to pouring water into a glass at full force – a glass with a hole in the bottom. Will the glass ever fill up – despite the steady and often times gushing flow of water into it?

I think not, my friend.

This same sort of thing holds true for those that choose to go “bottoms up” after hard workouts – that too on an almost daily basis – and YES, you’d be surprised at the number of people that workout hard and do this almost daily.

Or, those that think it’s OK to binge on greasy fat laden pizzas and cheesy “delicacies” – or sweets – right after one’s workout as a meal, thinking “I deserve it. I’ve burnt the calories, and I’m hungry as a horse!”

And then these same people stop and wonder why those love handles never do disappear completely …

None of the above activities increase your health and fitness levels one bit. The only thing they do increase is time spent either on the porcelain throne or the doctor’s chambers – take your pick.

Burning the candle at both ends does NOT work, my friend – – at least NOT for the long term.

Jack La Lanne once famously said that “Exercise is king and nutrition is queen. Together they form a kingdom”.

There is great wisdom and truth in them above words, and you’d do well to pay heed – as well as incorporate this philosophy into YOUR life.

Back in the day, yours truly had the habit of going through a pack of more cigarettes a day – and this continued well after I started working out regularly.

Like the young man above, I was doing many things right – but for whatever reason, my stamina just wouldn’t improve – and that hill, as I’ve mentioned, would kick me in the RUMPUS each and every time I puffed up it.

I quit smoking around the age of 25 – cold turkey, by the way. None of that “weaning off” nonsense – thats for weenies. If you gotta do something –  just do it full bore or not at all is what I say.

And my stamina – and general health and well being levels shot up almost instantly, and I started to improve far quicker after that.

True, exercise – specifically BODYWEIGHT exercises done the way I teach in the System ARE the #1 KEY to burning fat off and packing muscle on to your frame in the quickest time possible – and also to improve your general state of health and well being tremendously.

True, exercise – done CORRECTLY – is what starts the engine, and keeps the fat furnace ON at full blast, my friend.

All the same – you cannot outtrain a bad diet – and you cannot “outlive” burning the candle at both ends either.

Tis a truism, and one you’d do well to bear in mind.

Last, but not least, I realize there are those that will gleefully read this dispatch and merrily consign it to the “dustbins” of their mind.

“After all, it can’t possibly apply to me, can it? I train way too hard for that!”

And if that’s what  you think, no problemo, amigo. ‘Tis really not my biz to dictate how you choose to live your life – but what I CAN do is tell you the next best thing to incorporate into your routine along with your poison of choice.

And that next best thing is what I teach you in the Advanced Hill Training System.

This System truly WILL show you how you can drop fat and melt lard off your frame at mindboggling speeds – even while partaking of all the unhealthy “indulgences” I’ve mentioned above and more.

And of course – if you choose to blend these routines in with the healthful practices as described in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, then more power to you, my friend. You’ll be on the road to super stud status in no time at all!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I forgot to mention the link for Advanced Hill Training up here. Here it is NOW – –

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