The ex-Marine I met in China

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Dear Reader,

Let’s hark back to last year – July 2017, to be specific.

‘Twas about the middle of July IIRC – – or perhaps the beginning – I’m not too sure. Actually, it was probably about the beginning of July.

It was yet another sultry, hot and humid day in Southern China – capped off by the daily evening thunderstorm which made things a little bit better.

And amidst this thunderstorm, yours truly had a biz appointment to keep – so off he went, hoping the Rain Gods would relent.

And they seemed to relent as I arrived at the gate of the place I was doing biz at (or going to, at any rate before I backed out of it) – and I saw a tall strapping “young” man standing at the gate looking around him with an attentive, yet probing demeanor.

He had the air of a man that’s “been there and done that” – – something you can NOT fake, and something which instantly communicated itself to me – along with the sheer physicality of the man I’m referring to.

A 6’1″ behomoth of a man this was – with NOT a shred of extra fat or poundage. If anything he was a lean, mean, actual fighting MACHINE – with the upper body strength and “look” to boot as well, and something clicked in my brain instantly.

Two and two added up, and in a flash I figured out who he was. He was someone I had spoken to casually before online, but it never went further than that – and yet – now that I saw him, I KNEW this was the person – and the fact I had seen his profile picture had nothing to do with it.

It was that “something” that communicated itself to me. That “look in the eye”  – – that EYE of the TIGER that the guy had – and as I moved forward to shake his hand, I spoke.

“Hey, man! You must be <insert name” …”, and I gripped his hand with what I knew was a firm (to say the least) handshake.

“Yes, I am!” came the clipped response, and it wasn’t just the clipped, precise nature of the response that instantly led me to believe this guy was either in the military or ex-military.

No – it was the HANDSHAKE that did!

This man literally did something no-one has ever done in ages – – which is to INSTINCTIVELY respond to my own (admittedly strong) grip with a literal bonecrusher of his own – and an unwitting “pull” of his own in his own direction, and as I shook hands with him, I knew this was the real deal.

And sure enough, as we got to talking – and as we rapidly developed a close friendship I learnt this guy was ex special Forces – an ex Marine, to be exact. Marine Recon.

Other than the few online conversations we’d had before I had also seen this guy jogging up and down the mountain that I myself climb on a regular basis – and done, mind you, at the SAME time I did it at – which was during the afternoon heat/humidity.

This man truly DOES have a Gorilla Grip, and is most certainly the closest human equivalent of an adult male silverback gorilla that I have met for years anywhere in the world – and that is precisely why I’ve mentioned him in the actual manual as well.

As another mutual friend of ours put it “He’s a BEAST!”

And he is – and the reason I mention this is not so much to draw parallels between man and gorilla – but to point out that this BEAST status was not obtained by the methods most people would believe it’s obtained by.

In fact, believe it or not, this beast status was obtained by the simple and rigorous use of bodyweight exercises – done for high reps – and done correctly.

Bodyweight stuff. Pushups. Pull-ups. Climbing ropes. And though he’s carried many a heavy object in his life, dumbells and seated arm curls are probably the last thing on his mind if and when he were to enter a commercial “chrome ‘n fern” palace a.k.a gym.

Amazingly enough, these same exercises are ignored by the vast majority of the populace that treat them as either a “cool down” or “warm up”, the meat and potatoes of their workout being the absolutely asinine pumpin’ and buffin’ that you see going on at the local gyms.

And it’s these same people that then complain about bodyweight exercises “being too easy” – or “not working” – when in reality they’re either too lazy or inept to knock out even ONE rep of some of the stuff that really works!

Marines and special forces all over the world develop that brute strength and amazing physical conditioning NOT by sitting around in commercial gyms, my friend.

Boxers don’t develop that strong punch of theirs by doing bench presses. Wrestlers don’t develop their crushing grip strength and amazing pulling ability by puffing out a few half ass reps on the lat pulldown machine.

And so on and so forth. The list goes on, and on and on.

Deep down inside though, all men aspire NOT to “pump and tone” or “puff ‘n buff” with the bros at the gym. They desire BEAST statusunstoppable brute STRENGTH and power – and conditioning to boot.

In short – a human machine – as Mother Nature intended you to be, my friend.

And the way to get there is to DROP the puffin and buffin routines that most people partake of in the local gyms.

Prancing around after a set of curls and posing for pics with the bros may get you a few backslaps and brews at the local bar, but it’ll do next to nothing in terms of building lasting health, strength and inner vitality.

If you really want that “look” – that “eye of the tiger” – then do what folks that HAVE it do on a REGULAR basis, my friend – that being BODYWEIGHT exercises  –  done RIGHT!

And no, this isn’t just a sales pitch – – this is TRUE, my friend. Nothing compares to the sheer power of these exercises – – NOTHING at all. If you don’t believe, take a gander right HERE and check it out for yourself!

Ok, thats enough “huffing and puffing” for now, hehe. I’ll be back to puff again later and blow the house down!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I DO realize that a lot of folks reading this will be content to go on about their merry pumpin and toning, puffing and buffing ways – and guess what. Thats fine. ‘Tis all good, my friend. It’s ALLLLL good – – so good in fact that I may indeed do a “puff ‘n buff” special in an email soon. Be on the outlook for that!

P.S #2 – In the meantime though, here is the link you need to SPRINT on to right now – –

PPS – So inspirational. I should, but haven’t put this in “16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections“. maybe I will in Vol #2!

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