The 25 floor workout

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Dear reader,

Well, well well. Got done with a ball busting, lung thumping heavy duty workout this afternoon – and after sending you an email and taking care of a couple of other things – – it was off to a good friend’s house for a bit of food and a long chin wag as well.

Now, my buddy lives in a gated apartment complex – one of those 20 storey or so buildings – and each of the storeys is actually two floor apartments, so it’s probably more like 40 or so storeys.

Anyway, got there, and found out that the elevator was out of order – – or more accurately, ONE of the two elevators was — and naturally, there was a mammoth queue outside the other one.

And after waiting about 5 minutes for it to show up, I figured I’d take the stairs. What the heck, I thought. Might as well get another workout in (this after my hikes and sprints mind you).

And funnily enough, though you’d expect me to be exhausted after that workout – – it was the exact opposite – – those 17 (or perhaps 25, I should say) flights of stairs felt like NOTHING. In fact I wouldn’t be lying to tell you that I barely had an elevated heart rate after all that – so much so that it actually felt BORING as heck climbing them at a semi-rapid pace.

THIS,  my friend is the amazing effect the sort of workouts I do can have on YOUR system as well!

When you get good at Hindu Squats – and start cranking out 100 or more reps in one set – WATCH out. All of the exercises mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – including the squats, pushups – and especially the “best darn exercise there is” not only get the blood pumping and the heart ROARING – but they also get you in super shape – and QUICK!

Your cardio system receives a solid boost and a 15 minute or less 0 Excuses workout can literally get you in better shape than long slow “drawn out” sessions on the treadmill or “pounding the pavement” can.

Anyway, we decided to have a couple of beers and a few “slices” as it were – so it was down again to the bottom floor to procure a few beers. And then – guess what.

‘Twas back to the elevator – and the queue.

“Why don’t we just take the stairs … ” and I paused after that.

“Well, on second thought, all good. We don’t necessarily have to do that. We can wait, and …” , I continued, pausing.

Now, my friend is NO slouch in the strength department – but he is overweight though, and he told me his legs felt like jelly the first time he went DOWN all of those stairs (a day when neither one of the elevators were functional).

And hence my comment.

“**** it”, was the response. “Stairs, here we come!”

And off it was to the races as it were, and the two of us clambered up the stairs again.

About a few flights through my friend started to  breathe heavily – and then rapidly – so much so that it sounded like a big ole steam locomotive was going up the stairs, and he collapsed into a chair once we finally made it.

But make it he did – and I applaud him for that. Most people would have given up and waited an eternity for the elevator – but not my buddy.

Though it was hard – though it was difficult – he did it – and I’ve got no doubt he’ll shed that fat off quickly enough if he continues doing it.

Anyway, a great time was had – and we discussed this at the end of it.

“You know, you did pretty well on them stairs”, I commented. “I  mean they’re not that easy for me either, and … ”

“Not easy for you? I could barely hear you even breathe man!” was my friend’s response. “You’re in great shape!”

And no, I’m NOT saying all this to toot my own horn. Nothing of that nature. This is just to drive another nail into the coffin of “long slow distance cardio” and “keeping your heart beating at a target heart rate for 30 minutes” or the “fat burning zone” or other garbage out there.


Look fellas, when you’re doing SHORT, intense bursts of exercises – such as sprints as talked about in Advanced Hill Training, you’re literally getting into fat burning ZONE ALL throughout your workout – and days after.

A 20 minute intense routine can leave your body in a state of “fat burning” for up to 48 hours AFTER the workout.

You CAN literally eat more – and weigh less. Though I don’t do it all the time, I had pizza today with a few beers, and can’t even feel it right now a few hours after all this.

In fact, I may end up snacking a bit more before I go to bed, so hungry does this kind of thing make you!

Such is life, my friend – when you train hard – and when you train the 0 Excuses way.

Life is GOOD – as it’s meant to be!

OK – I’m out for now. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Does this sort of thing ENTHUSE you? Does the idea of eating a cow after your routine and not having it pile on to you belly in the form of ugly lard appeal to you?  If so – and I bet it does – jump on the 0 Excuses bandwagon right now – and right HERE!

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