My T-shirts are fitting DIFFERENTLY

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Dear Reader,

Over the past month or so I’ve noticed a marked change in the way my T-shirts fit.

Though they’ve always been “hugging” me – a.k.a the “bodyhugging” style of T-shirt  (something which I don’t really prefer by the way as it makes it harder for the body to “breathe” when working out), its different these days.

In fact, I wouldn’t be kidding if I told you simply tearing off the sweat soaked Tshirt off my back can sometimes be a workout “finisher” par excellence, my friend.

And the major and most surprising change is this – it’s my CHEST which has grown much larger over the past month or so, and continues to do so with every workout.

It’s this body part – strangely enough, which is the MOST trained for most people – gym goers, jocks and athletes alike, and yet I devote little or no time to “direct” chest training, and yet …

Along with this, my traps have taken on a whole new dimension altogether, though again it’s the chest and shoulders that have seen the most growth.

Now, at this point you might be saying my pushups – or pull-ups or any of the other 0 Excuses Fitness stuff I pound out regularly contributed to this, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

But there’s more, my friend. There’s more.

And the real key to this growth is something I’ve always known, but I’ve really been “hammering it home” in terms of actual workouts over the past few weeks.

What is it?

Something that might surprise you – or maybe not. I don’t know.

It’s sprints, my friend – and NOT uphill sprints – but LAND sprints that have contributed to this growth.

Sprints, as I’ve talked about before are a full body workout unto themselves, but do them at the end of an already tough workout, and you take them to a whole another level, my friend.

Let me tell you, there is NO feeling in the world akin to that you get both DURING – and AFTER – a set of sprints done at max intensity – be they on land or hills or inclines or even stairs.

NONE at all, and the growth you get in your entire body with these are unparalleled – as are the fat burning effects.

As I said last night, you’ll literally burn fat for up to 48 hours after a workout if done right – – and this without any active workouts in those 48 hours!

Can’t beat that, eh?

Anyway, what I do is at an advanced level – way more than what most regular trainees would be able to handle, but HERE is the good news – you do NOT need to begin at “Bourne Sprint” levels!

What I state in (and constantly carp upon with darn good reason) in Advanced Hill Training will get you started REAL good as well – and if you currently cannot do bipedal sprints – or even running – and there is good chance the majority of those reading this can’t – well – start with the animal movements mentioned therein.

Let me tell you, the bear crawl for one is another highly effective movement for melting lard off your body – and FAST.

And as for packing muscle on to your frame? Well, this simple movement is deceptive, my friend – and amazingly enough you’ll find yourself to be getting a heck of core and lower body workout when you do these – not to mention partake of the workouts in the book itself.

And THIS will build a solid base – and lead to massive growth in your upper body if you do ’em regularly – as I do, hehe.

Most of all though, you can’t beat the sheer feeling you get after doing these, my friend. The sheer feeling of feeling on top of the world. Being able to BLAST through any and all obstacles while looking your opposition in the eye – with the EYE of the TIGER, so to speak.

Feeling like Rocky did after that lonnnnng run and sprint up the stairs – or park, in Rocky II – and THAT feeling, my friend can’t be beat. It’s just that simple.

Still think pounding the treadmill will get the trick done? Still think bodyweight stuff is “too easy” or “useless”?

Well, here’s an acid test – pound your treadmill at “moderate” intensity for half an hour while sipping your latte and watching TV (or ogling the birds). Then get down on all fours and walk – SLOWLY – in the bear crawl position for ONE minute. ONE minute. That’s all. and WALK, not sprint.

Come back and tell me how it feels, and which was harder.

I’ll bet you my Aunt Matilda (not really, hehe) it was the latter.

So get on the stick today, my friend. It’s the best thing you can do for your health and fitness by far!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is the link for Advanced Hill Training once again – –

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