Flat land sprints – or hill sprints?
- The jury is ... out ?Or not, hehe.

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Dear Reader,

Today I’ll talk a bit about a topic a LOT of readers will be interested in. In fact, I’ve received several inquiries about this not just from customers and the like, but also folks in general.

Sprints, for whatever reason lend themselves to a topic of interest to most people – – and even the “bros” and “gym rats” ‘s ears seem to perk up that little extra bit when they hear of sprints – – and why not?

Though all bodyweight exercises – – especially the advanced ones are worthy of awe and admiration – – nothing, I repeat, nothing – – quite beats the sheer spectacle of a sprinter sprinting FLAT out.

Going ALL out – be it on hills or on flat terrain!

NOTHING quite compares to the image that indelibly imprints itself in your mind – – either when you see someone doing these – – or the image of “yourself” doing it (if you’re doing them).

Anyway, my answer to the inevitable “which one is better” might surprise you.

I’ll start off by saying they’re BOTH awesome movements – – and both are advanced workouts. You do NOT want to sprint off a lengthy hiatus from exercise – – or a perch on the ole couch – – and jump straight into doing’em. No way.

And they’re BOTH excellent tools for fat loss and building muscle in the quickest amount of time possible.

That’s why sprints are included in ALL the routines in Advanced Hill Training, by the way – – a manual which is an absolute must-grab if you’re interested in losing fat in record time – and keeping said blubber off permanently.

Now, which is better?

Well, it depends upon your personal situation – – but as of late, I’ve been leaning more towards land sprints, my friend.

This might surprise you given that hill sprints are what most people (myself included) have often spoken off as being one of the toughest exercises you can do – – bar none – – and there’s good reason behind that as well.

Make no mistake – – hill sprints are hard, hard work – – and they WILL get the heart roaring and they WILL keep the blubber burning factory inside of you at work overtime as well.

But land sprints are a different beast altogether, and in a different way. And I choose land sprints these days because of this – – hills simply do NOT allow you to reach your absolute MAXIMUM speed – – and maintain that for more than a few seconds.

Neither do land sprints, of course, but the time you can maintain your max intensity is a LOT higher due to the flat land.

Does this make it EASIER though?

Not a chance, my friend. There’s a reason why Olympic sprints are done on FLAT land as opposed to hilly terrain or slopes ….

No – it does NOT make it any easier, and what’s more – land sprints work the hamstrings (that large and often ignored muscle at the back of your legs) a LOT more than hill sprints do – – provided of course you’re cranking that sprint up to max intensity.

Now, and again, don’t get me wrong. I highly recommend hill sprints in both 0 Excuses Fitness and Advanced Hill Training, and truth be told, it’s probably actually better to start off with jogging up hill than sprinting on land – – simply because the hill doesn’t let you get to a point where you can injure your ankles or hamstrings – – or worse.

But once you get GOOD at sprinting, you’ll naturally want to gravitate onto flat land and sprint more often – -and believe me now and trust me later, the fat benefits will be the same if not even better in certain regards.

Not to mention the mental effects. I just got done with 70% intensity sprints (as part of an overall workout) and everything be alllll goooood, my friend. All good in the hood – – and I seem to buzzing on ALL cylinders now and more!

So thats it for today. If you’re at a level where you can incorporate sprints into your routine – do so – and do BOTH types of sprints on a regular basis. You’ll be amazed at the sheer transformation that takes place thereafter!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – And if you’re amongst those that for whatever reason haven’t grabbed 0 Excuses Fitness as yet, what are you waiting for, my friend? Doesn’t ever do any good to “postpone the inevitable” – or procrastinate when it comes to your health and fitness. Sprint on over NOW to grab your copy – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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