Designated junk food day

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Dear Reader,

I’m on the clock here. Got about 15 minute or so before I gotta make a quick dash to drop my daughter off to school.

Last day before the holidays, and apparently there’ll be a farewell party of sorts – – and of course, if my little girl is late, guess whose fault it is, hehe.

Anyway, last night I saw my wife packing up a bunch of goodies in my daughter’s tiny little lunch box.

Chocolates. Candy. Sugar coated biscuits. Cream biscuits – in short, all those “yummy treats” that little kids love – and that adults gorge on on a regular basis as well though they shouldn’t be.

‘Twas kind of amazing, since I thought my wife was, for the most part against stuffing kids to the gourd with junk food (as opposed to a lot of other parents out there who, again, amazingly enough seem to have little or no problem with it).

What was going on?

“Papa! It’s my junk food day tomorrow!” my  little girl piped up in the background.

“Huh? You mean at home?”

“No, not at home”, my wife responded. And she went on to explain that their school apparently has a “designated” junk food day – that being Friday – where the kids can officially gorge all they like before returning to healthier diets (in theory, at least, hehe).

And I actually agree with this concept.

In the Simple And Effective Diet, I wrote that if you do the right thing 99% of the time – your body will forgive you for the occasional indulgence.

In fact, human nature dictates its it’s nigh impossible to stay on the “straight and narrow” permanently for any length of time – and allowing yourself a day (or certain times during the week) to stuff your gourd with forbidden delicacies before “getting back on the stick” is a GOOD idea – because you aren’t depriving yourself of anything.

Regardless, there are SO many better days we could have in the week – for adults, mind you. Not kids.

How about a “0 Excuses Fitness” day – at least three times a week, preferable DAILY?

How about a “100 pushups a day” – at least FIVE times a week – done early in the morning in place of coffee and soggy, mushy (and “squishy” as my little one says) doughnuts?

How about a “sprint day” – done perhaps on Friday before your cheat days?

As adults, we need THESE days far, far more than designated junk food days anyway, my friend. Most adults stuff their gourds all week long with foods they should NOT be eating anyway – and there’s no real need for a “designated” day to do so.

Anyway, I’m off for the nonce. My daughter is crying, and the wife is agitated – and it’s all my fault, hehe.

Back again later – in the meantime – make SURE to make today YOUR 0 Excuses Fitness day as well.

NO excuses – write back and tell me how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I asked my buddy from the Marines to do me “one last favor” before I left China. Can you guess what it was? I’ll give you a hint – it’s got something to do with African silverback gorillas – – minus the chest thumping of course, hehe. See if you can guess right!

P.S. #2 – By the way, if you haven’t checked out my ADVANCED course on gripping – a course that blows the initial bestselling Gorilla Grip right out of the water – do so NOW and do so right here – – 

P.P.S # – 11:02 minutes. I’m out.

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